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April 2, 2013

Washington, DC (April 1, 2013)The United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC) has announced the first restaurants in the nation windows 7 key to achieve REAL Certification. REAL (Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership) Certification is a program of the USHFC helping connect people who want healthful and sustainable food and beverages with the restaurants and other foodservice operations that provide them.

“People are increasingly concerned with health and sustainability when eating out, and REAL Certification provides a holistic way to distinguish between those that ‘walk the walk,’ from those that simply ‘talk the talk,'” said Lawrence Williams, President of the USHFC. “Putting calorie levels on menus may be helpful, but it’s not a good proxy for healthfulness and environmental sustainability.”

Utilizing a flexible points-based system similar to LEED®, the USHFC provides third-party verification of nutrition and sustainability best practices. Restaurants earn points based upon the REAL Index, which was developed in collaboration with an independent panel of experts, and covers topics such as:

  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Moderate Portion Sizes
  • Local and Regional Sourcing
  • Special Dietary Offerings
  • Use of Healthier Oils


  • Healthy Children’s Meals
  • Reduced Processing and Additives
  • Lean Meats
  • Organic and Sustainable Food
  • Animal Welfare


“We decided to launch the Eat REAL™ campaign in Washington because of the city’s unique collection of leaders in culinary arts, nutrition, sustainability and health,” continued Williams. “Our inaugural class of REAL Certified restaurants are an excellent representation of chefs and businesses that understand the important role they play as the new stewards of the American diet.” 

Eat REAL™ DC is a citywide initiative to promote REAL Certified foodservice establishments. The restaurants that have completed REAL Certification include:

BUSBOYS & POETS                        DC / MD / VA            busboysandpoets.com

COMMISSARY                                   Washington, DC       commissarydc.com

ELIZABETH’S GONE RAW         Washington, DC       elizabethsonlstreet.com/raw

ENERGY KITCHEN                        Washington, DC        energykitchen.com

FOUNDING FARMERS DC         Washington, DC        wearefoundingfarmers.com

GRILLFISH                                         Washington, DC        grillfishdc.com

i RICCHI                                               Washington, DC        iricchi.net

JUICE JOINT CAFÉ                       Washington, DC        juicejointcafe.com

LOGAN TAVERN                              Washington, DC       logantavern.com

RESTAURANT NORA                    Washington DC         noras.com

RIS                                                            Washington, DC       risdc.com


ASIAN KITCHEN                             Washington, DC        shophousekitchen.com

SOUPERGIRL                                    Washington, DC        thesoupergirl.com

TABLE                                                   Washington, DC        tabledc.com

THE HEIGHTS                                  Washington, DC        theheightsdc.com

THE PIG                                                Washington, DC        thepigdc.com

REAL Certification is issued at multiple levels, beginning with REAL Verified. The USHFC also provides REAL Certification to contract foodservice operations and is currently certifying locations in Boston, San Francisco, Oakland and Omaha. Restaurants and contract foodservice providers interested in participating may request certification at: http://ushfc.org/contact/.

REAL Certification information will be made available through an open Application Programming Interface (API). The USHFC is in discussions with numerous emerging and established restaurant review, search and reservation websites/mobile applications, and will be announcing partnerships later this year.

ABOUT UNITED STATES HEALTHFUL FOOD COUNCIL (USHFC) Established in 2011, the USHFC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to fighting obesity, diabetes and other food related diseases by increasing access to healthful, affordable and sustainable food and beverages. The USHFC works towards its mission through REAL Certification, the first national nutrition and sustainability best-practices program, nutrition analysis, menu labeling and recipe consulting.

For more information, please visit ushfc.org and eatreal.org.