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USHFC Programs

From casual dining establishments to high-end restaurants, to soup kitchens, the USHFC takes a three-pronged approach to improving the nutritional content of dine-out meals while educating consumers about making healthful choices:

Recipe Analysis & Menu Labeling Program

A program through which nutritionists help restaurants and other food service providers analyze the nutritional content of their menus.

Nutrition Consulting & Advisory Services

A program through which USHFC chefs and nutritionists works with these businesses to reformulate their recipes.


REAL Certification Program

A program through which restaurants that meet specific criteria of nutrition and healthful practices become USHFC certified, proudly displaying their certification for customers and using the certification as a marketing tool. Through relationships with suppliers, the USHFC helps the certified restaurants (and other foodservice providers) access more healthful ingredients at a discount, while providing suppliers with a new source of customers — a win-win situation.

Foodservice providers opt in to whichever programs best meet their goals. Together we are changing the way restaurants think about nutrition, educating the public about nutrition, and providing consumers with more nutritious options.