Are Lifesavers Vegan?

Are Lifesavers Vegan

Any vegan who’s been on following the diet for a while knows that one of the hardest vegan-friendly foods to find are candies and sweets.

This is because, though you may not realize it at first, a lot of these foods contain gelatin, which is an animal product. 

Given the rise in popularity of veganism, whether for health or ethical reasons, many food manufacturers are now creating foods that are suitable for those following this diet. That is great news for vegans with a sweet tooth! 

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at one of the most popular sweets in the USA, Lifesavers, to see if they’re vegan-friendly. Keep reading to find out all about this classic sweet treat. 

What Are Lifesavers? 

Lifesavers is a brand of ring-shaped hard and chewy candy that is manufactured in the United States. Its assortment of fruit-flavored candies and mints is well-known for its unusual packaging, which consists of aluminum foil rolls that are wrapped in paper. 

The name of the candy comes from the fact that its shape is similar to that of a conventional life preserver in the form of a ring, which is also referred to as a “lifesaver.” 

In 1912, candy producer Clarence Crane of Garrettsville, Ohio came up with the idea for the brand as a “summer treat” that would be more resistant to heat than chocolate. 

Since its creation, the Lifesavers brand has expanded, and they now offer 3 variations of candy, hard candies, gummies, and mints. 

Are Hard Candy Lifesavers Vegan? 

Yes, all of the various flavors of hard candy lifesavers are vegan! This is the sweet of choice if you’re following a vegan diet and want to be 100% sure that what you’re eating is completely safe for you to have. 

Are Gummy Lifesavers Vegan? 

Unfortunately, there is not a single flavor of Lifesavers Gummies that is suitable for vegans. Gelatin, which is defined as “a protein obtained by boiling tendons, ligaments, animal skin, cartilage, and/or bones in water,” may be found in each and every one of these gummy products.  According to Peta, gelatin is typically derived from animals such as cows, pigs, or fish. 

Are Lifesavers Vegan?

Are Mint Lifesavers Vegan?

Here’s where things get a bit tricky for Lifesavers. These mints live in a gray area when it comes to veganism. The reason behind this is that they consist of stearic acid.

According to the Guide To Food Ingredients published by the Vegetarian Resource Group, Stearic Acid can be produced commercially from either vegetables, animals (derived from cows or hogs), or synthetic sources. Because of this, it might not be suitable for vegans. 

Due to the rise in veganism and sustainable practices though, many food manufacturers have transitioned to obtaining their stearic acid exclusively from vegetable sources. Because of this, there is a high chance that Lifesavers mints are safe for vegans. 

If you are still a bit nervous about eating these mints, you can buy from other brands that are 100% just to be safe, or you could even contact the Lifesavers brand directly to get an answer. 

Are Lifesavers Gluten Free?

According to the contents of the ingredient list of each type of Lifesavers, not a single one of them contains wheat, flour, or any other type of substance that contains gluten, meaning that yes, they are gluten-free

On the other hand, there is very little information regarding the production of Lifesavers online, and there is no clear indication as to whether Lifesavers are gluten-free certified.

It’s also possible that cross-contamination could happen during their production; however, all of the components that are used in Lifesavers products are free of gluten. 

Are Lifesavers Dairy-Free?

There’s no dairy in any of the Lifesavers products. However, there is a risk of cross-contamination occurring during the manufacturing process, so if you are particularly sensitive to dairy products, it is probably better to avoid consuming Lifesavers.

Are Lifesavers Kosher?

There is very little information on whether or not Lifesavers are certified Kosher that can be found either online or on the product package.

The Spangler Candy Company is the only source of information that we were able to locate, and they say on their website that the Lifesavers Mints are “not Kosher certified.” As a result, it is highly unlikely that any of the Lifesavers candies are Kosher.


A good number of Lifesavers’ products, including all of their mints and hard candies, are suitable for vegans. However, because they contain gelatin, none of the Lifesavers Gummies are safe for vegans to eat.

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