30 Easy & Quick Veg Party Appetizers

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A good way to tell if a party is good or not, in the sense of whether it is classy and well-prepared or not, is to look at the food. Good food is a sign that thought and care have been put into the event, and the type of food itself can also say a lot about the people hosting! 

No party is complete without appetizers, as they are the perfect finger food for before the main meal is served. They are especially good for keeping those that arrive early entertained, and they can be great for bringing people together, breaking the ice, and starting conversations up. 

But you shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre appetizers. Instead, why not arrange a full range of different options, to impress your guests and set the tone? 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of our favorite easy and quick veg party appetizers. All of them are either vegan or vegetarian, are delicious, and look amazing. Guests will see them as incredibly fancy and well thought-out and will give you high praise when really, they’re super easy to make.

30 Veg Party Appetizers (vegetarian or vegan options)

Let’s get straight to it, here are the 30 veg party appetizers that we absolutely recommend you try out: 

Aloo chaat

Aloo chaat is Indian-inspired and a great appetizer that is quick to make and easy to eat. It is made out of fried potatoes and peas, mixed with green chutney, and/or a dip or sauce of your choosing.

You can also garnish them with some coriander leaves, and add any other ingredients you think might go well with it! Guests are bound to love it, making it perfect for any party! 

Cabbage fritters

Cabbage fritters are crispy and crunchy, perfect as a snack. Or as a healthy appetizer at a party or event full of guests. It is also suitable for diabetic people, which is good to know! 

Cheesy onion fritters

Cheesy onion fritters, much like the name indicates, are a cheesy alternative to traditional onion fritters. The cheese makes them all the tastier, and all the more suitable as a party appetizer. They are easy to make, fun to eat, and can even be served with some melted cheese on top. They are also best served hot, so keep that in mind! 

Chilli baby corn

Chilli baby corn is an Indo-Chinese appetizer dish that will take less than 30 minutes to prepare, but that will greatly impress your guests. It can be served with Hakka noodles, or by itself, and is absolutely delicious. It can also be served with a variety of different sauces, depending on the preference. 

Chilli paneer dry

Chilli paneer dry is a Chinese dish that works amazingly as an appetizer at any sort of party or event. It’s quick to make and easy to eat. You could also serve it with a mix of Chinese gravy, served with rice or noodles, but that would be more of a main meal rather than a pre-food snack. 15 to 20 minutes is all this takes, and guests will love it! 

Chinese fritters

Chinese fritters are super easy to make, and one of our favorite vegan appetizer options on this list. They are fritters, with Indo-Chinese sauces, and as a result, they have a unique flavor that guests will absolutely love! 

Corn cucumber salad

Healthy, easy to make, and made with minimum ingredients that you will have around the house. The corn-cucumber salad is honestly perfect as an appetizer, and it won’t take much to make. It is also light enough to be served alongside many other appetizer dishes, or as a complimentary dish with the main meal. You can add as many extra ingredients as you want too, depending on what result is desired! 

Corn fritters

Corn fritters are easy to make and great as an appetizer for guests. They are made by boiling sweet corn kernels and then mixing them with flour. Spices are added, and they are best served hot. 

Corn kabab

Corn kebabs are incredibly convenient as appetizers, as they are super easy to eat, and guests will love them! Made with sweet corn, they can be shaped into a patty, or in any other way you want. A pro trick for these is to make them ahead of time, and when you need them you just quickly bake or fry them so that they are fresh! 

Crispy corn chaat

Crispy corn chaat is amazing as an easy vegan appetizer, especially this BBQ Nation Style one. You do have to be careful when you fry the corn kernels if you want a good result, but it should take under 10 minutes to prepare. Plus, they look great for cocktail parties and similar! 

Crispy tater tots

Crispy tater tots are essentially Indian potato bites, made to be crispy for extra deliciousness. They are by far one of the easiest appetizers to make on this list and are loved by everyone, including kids. They are also convenient finger food and can be served with all sorts of dips, sauces, and seasoning options. 

Dry cauliflower Manchurian

Dry cauliflower Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese dish loved by many, and it can become a quick and easy appetizer for any party. To make it, coat the cauliflower in a flour mixture, and deep-fry. You can then saute the result with some sauce, and you can serve it with gravy, or any seasonings and sauces of your choosing. 

Hara bhara kabab

The Hara bhara kabab is green, due to the green vegetables that it is made out of (usually green spinach and green peas). Potatoes are also used to bind the vegetables together, and you can have more or fewer potatoes depending on the final taste and color desired. This is one of the easiest appetizers, and it is incredibly delicious, so guests will love it! 

Indian potato cakes

Also known as Aloo Tikki, these Indian potato cakes are made out of crispy potatoes and are completely vegan. They are one of the fastest and easiest appetizers to make, so they’re great as a last-minute option, and they are delicious in their simple flavor, and great when paired with sauces, dips, and toppings of your choosing. 

Italian croquettes

Anything with “Italian” in the name is bound to be good, and impress guests, and these croquettes are no different! They are easy to make and take just a few minutes. They are soft inside, and full of cheesy deliciousness. They are also great as finger food, and well-loved by kids and adults alike! Honestly? You can’t go wrong with this appetizer. 

Onion fritters

Onion fritters are a classic appetizer and for good reason. They are crispy, and crunchy, with some softness in the middle. They are best served when hot, so keep that in mind, and they are especially good at cocktail parties as they are easy to eat. You can also have them accompanied by a good sauce or dip, to take them to the next level! 

Paneer corn seekh kabab

Paneer corn seekh kabab is a mix of paneer with sweet corn, and it is very easy and fast to make. They can also be served in many ways, by themselves, with coriander mint chutney (which we recommend), or even stuffed into burger buns! It’s a versatile appetizer, which can be shaped to suit any party. 

Paneer hara bhara kabab

Stuffed with paneer burji, or crumbled paneer, the Paneer hara bhara kabab is a great appetizer. The stuffing enhances the flavor, all while remaining healthy, and it’s also amazing finger food because it’s convenient to eat. You could even serve these at a kid’s party! 

Pinwheel samosa

Pinwheel samosa follows the samosa recipe, with an added twist, which is giving it the shape of a pinwheel. It can take a little time to make, but it is absolutely delicious. With a crispy exterior and a soft interior made out of spiced potato filling, it is irresistible and perfect for getting the praise of your guests. Plus, it is suitable for any sort of party and event, making it a versatile option! 

Potato cheese balls

Potato cheese balls are very similar to croquettes, and are a perfect option for parties as an appetizer, or even as snacks for kids and adults alike. They are soft and tasty, easy to make, and can be made healthier by adding in more vegetables!

Potato latkes

Potato latkes are much better when served hot, so you can either have them be the first appetizer scheduled, or you can plan to bring them out at a certain time so that guests might enjoy them fresh. They are essentially small potato pancakes, with crunchy sides and a soft center. They are completely vegan and can be served with all sorts of appropriate sauces and toppings. 

Potato lollipop

This is one of the easiest vegetarian appetizers you can make, and also one of the easiest for guests to nibble on! These potato lollipops are crunchy on the outside, but the inside melts in your mouth, full of delicious herbs, cheese, and seasonings of your choice. Kids also love them! 

Sesame falafel

This Sesame falafel is made with chickpeas, and it can be a great replacement for traditional meatballs. It is also super healthy, vegan, gluten-free, and full of proteins! Kind of like the veggie alternative to this popular finger food, and a fancier version for serving at parties as an appetizer. 

Soya chunks cutlet

Soybeans are incredibly rich in both protein and fiber and are classed as highly healthy vegetarian food. So why not have them as an appetizer? They’re easy to eat as a snack, they look fancy enough to impress guests, and more importantly, they’re fast to make so you can whip them up just before the party starts. 

Spinach cheese balls

Spinach cheese balls are not only vegetarian, but they are also suitable for a keto diet and make for great appetizers. They are full of spinach, and stuffed with cheese for extra flavor. They are also very quick to make and great for all sorts of party events. 

Vegan broccoli tots

Vegan broccoli tots, much as the name suggests, are simply the vegan alternative to traditional tater tots. They’re also a healthier version that is great for kids, and a fancier option to serve to guests at a party. They are made with blanched and mashed broccoli and some mashed potatoes. You can bake or fry them, and they can be eaten with all sorts of dips and sauces. 

Veg arancini

Veg arancini sound like a fancy dish, and it’s definitely a worthy appetizer dish for a party. It is essentially crispy and cheesy rice balls, made out of some risotto rice. There is also some soft cheese inside, for extra flavor! They are vegetarian and versatile enough that you could alter them to suit different preferences.

Some people cook lentils in them, some add onions, some add chilies, and of course, you can add any seasonings, sauces, or dips of your choosing! Veg arancini is actually a great appetizer for making use of any veg leftovers you have in the house! 

Veg Manchurian balls

If you want a delicious deep-fried appetizer that is full of vegetables, then we recommend the Veg Manchurian balls. As an Indo-Chinese dish, they are full of unique flavors and can be served by themselves or alongside some rice or noodles. 

Veg seekh kabab

Veg seekh kebab is an incredibly healthy appetizer (or snack!) that is perfect for your party, and specifically, for vegan guests. To make it, simply add lots of vegetables as a kabab! It is also best served with a dip or sauce, we personally recommend you pair it with a cilantro dip! 

Veg Shammi kabab

If you’re looking for an intense and nutritious appetizer, then we recommend the Veg Shammi kabab. It is full of proteins, made with chickpeas, and it’s super easy to make! It’s incredibly healthy, and not only is it good as a vegetarian appetizer, but also, it makes for a great meal for your family or a snack for your kids! 


Appetizers should be easy to make and fast to prepare while managing to impress guests and get the party started on a good foot. The ones we included are all either vegetarian or vegan, full of healthy ingredients and plenty of vegetables. 

A trick we recommend is to have most of your appetizers already pre-prepared with plenty of time. So a little while before the party, all you have to do is quickly bake, fry, or finish off the appetizers, so that they may be served fresh to your guests! 

And don’t be scared of altering the recipes to add a spin of your own! Food is supposed to be versatile and should meet the needs and preferences of the occasion. 

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