Are Circulon Pans Oven Safe?

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With most modern-day ovens featuring many safety technologies, it is natural to assume that all kinds of pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils will be safe to use in them. However, you should never put anything in the oven without making sure it is safe for use.

If you do, then this could cause some serious damage to the pan or pot in question, rendering you unable to use it. This brings us to Circulon Pans. Many people are left wondering whether or not Circulon pans are oven safe.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not these pans can be used in the oven, plus related topics. So, if you’re interested in finding out, read on for more!

Are Circulon Pans Oven Safe?

The answer to this is yes! Circulon cookware pans are oven safe provided they are subject to certain conditions.

First of all, most of these pans are safe in oven temperatures up to 400° F. For most foods, this is a perfectly acceptable cooking temperature, and you will not run into any issues with the Circulon pan.

However, foods like fast roast fish or pizza may need to be cooked at a higher heat, and then using your Circulon pan would become a bit of an issue.

It is not recommended that you use Circulon pans in these circumstances, or else you risk limiting the lifespan of the pan.

Why Can You Use Circulon Pans In The Oven?

You are able to use Circulon pans in the oven because they contain up to 8 x stronger material than regular cookware. So, they are able to withstand much hotter temperatures and can cook a wider range of foods.

These pans are made from a PTFE non-stick material as opposed to PFOA. While PFOA non-stick materials can withstand hot temperatures, it is known to release some harmful chemicals that can cause serious health issues, such as kidney and testicle cancer.

But not only can it cause health issues for an individual, but it may affect the development of fetuses’ causing low birth weight, among other issues.

However, PTFE is a non-toxic material that can handle the same extreme heat PFOA can.

Additionally, the handle of a Circulon pan is also oven-safe. In order for a handle to be considered oven safe, it cannot be made from plastic, wood, or metal.

The handle of a Circulon pan is made from heat-proof silicone that can handle temperatures up to 500°F. It is also a long-lasting handle that will not fade easily.

Circulon pans also come with a heat-proof lid that doesn’t have a plastic knob. The glass of the lid can withstand temperatures up to 400°F.

What Temperatures Can My Circulon Pan Handle?

Different Circulon pans can handle different temperatures. Let’s check out a few examples!

Frying Pans

Circulon frying pans will be oven safe up to 400°F.

Premier Professional Pans

Circulon premier professional pans themselves can handle oven temperatures up to 180°F. The non-stick interior can handle temperatures up to 350°F.

Momentum Pans

These Circulon pans are oven safe with temperatures up to 400°F. This is thanks to its high-quality aluminum and hard-anodized material.

Non-Stick Pans

These pans are oven safe with temperatures up to 400°F.

Induction Pans

Not only can Circulon induction pans withstand oven temperatures of about 500°F, but they’re dishwasher safe, too!

Genesis Pans

Circulon Genesis pans are also oven safe for temperatures up to 500°F.

Will My Circulon Pan Always Be Oven Safe?

No, your Circulon pan will not always be oven safe.

These pans do not have a lifetime warranty, and they do have an expiration date, and after this date, they will not be safe to use in ovens.

Most Circulon pans are safe to use for up to two years. After the two years are up, the quality of these pans may begin to decrease.

You will notice this in little ways: First of all, the non-stick layer will become damaged, and will not have as much of long-lasting durability.

However, while this is an inconvenience, the pan does not contain any harmful materials or plastics that will hurt you or the environment.

Secondly, the silicon handle will start to decrease in quality.

You will notice that the color will begin to fade, and the silicon will eventually soften and melt the more you use the Circulon pan after its two years are up.

What Should I Do With My Expired Circulon Pan?

Unfortunately, Circulon will not accept expired cookware from you. However, you will be able to recycle it at a local recycling center!

So, make sure you check where your local recycling center is and what time they are open, so you can recycle your expired Circulon pan and look at buying a new one.

How Should I Use My Circulon Pan In The Oven?

Here are some tips for using your Circulon cookware pan in the oven!

  • When using the pan in the oven, you should always stick to the temperature limit. To find the temperature limit, you will need to check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Most Circulon pans need to be hand-washed. Try to avoid placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Once you have finished cooking, you should move your Circulon pan to the Circulon cradle. This way, you can carry it to the table and serve food with ease.


Circulon cookware pans are, in fact, oven-safe! This includes the non-stick material, the silicone-wrapped handles, and the lid!

These pans are safe to cook a plethora of foods in ovens, subject to certain oven temperatures!

Most Circulon pans should never exceed their maximum temperature of 400°F, although some pans are oven-safe up to 500 degrees.

However, a few Circulon pans are only safe in temperatures up to 180°F, so it is always best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you’re using your pan according to the guidelines.

If your oven exceeds these temperatures, then it may cause issues with the pan’s longevity over time.

It is important to note that these pans expire after two years, and from then on will reduce in quality. You will be able to recycle expired Circulon pans at recycling centers.

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