Are Dots Vegan?

Are Dots Vegan?

Dots were first created by the Tootsie Corporation in 1945, and almost immediately became one of the most widely consumed brands of gumdrops in the United States.

Even though gumdrops haven’t quite maintained the same level of popularity as they did back in the 1950s, you can still buy them at gas stations and movie theaters all around the United States.

However, if you’re reading this, the main question that you probably want to know the answer to is, “Are Dots vegan?” Keep reading to find out if Dots are vegan-friendly and much more. 

What Are Dots? 

Tootsie Roll Industries, the business that also makes Tootsie Rolls, Andes Mints, and Blow Pops, among many other candies and confections, markets a brand of gum drops known as Dots. Cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry are the various flavors that are now available for the Original Dots.

Other versions, such as the Sour Dots, also feature a variety of flavors, such as orange, lemon, grape, cherry, and green apple; however, they are created using citric acid rather than malic acid.

There is also a product called Tropical Dots, which comes in a variety of tastes with interesting names such as Wild Mango, Island Nectar, Carambola Melon, Grapefruit Cooler, and Paradise Punch. 

These are the most common types of Dots, although there are other others like the Yogurt Dots and the Crows, both of which are recognized to be members of the Dots family despite having their own unique names.

Are Dots Vegan?

Dots, contrary to popular belief, are one of the few candies on the market that are suitable for vegans. Sugar, corn syrup, starch, flavoring, and colors are the primary ingredients in the straightforward formula that’s used to make these candies.

The recipe for Dots has barely changed in the last seven decades, and while many sweet companies started to make their gummies using gelatin, this ingredient has never been included in Dots. This makes Dots naturally safe for vegans to eat. 

However, even though the candy doesn’t use any by-products derived from animals in its recipe, some vegans will disagree with its “vegan-friendly” label as Dots contain components such as refined sugar, artificial colors, and natural and artificial flavors, all of which pose some problems, but especially the sugar. 

Are Dots Vegan?

Can Vegans Eat Sugar? 

Sugar is a sweetener that comes from plants and can either be produced from sugarcane or the juice of beets. Unrefined and organic sugar are completely vegan options. On the other hand, refined white sugar is typically not included in vegan diets.

Sugar made from either beets or sugarcane tastes the same, but the ways the sugar is extracted from these plants are different. The sugar from beets is obtained by the use of a diffuser, and then it is crystallized using chemicals that do not come from animals.

On the other hand, cane sugar is produced by first crushing the stalks of sugarcane to separate the pulp and the juice from one another, and then filtering the juice using bone char, which is a product derived from animals.

This is not always the process used to extract sugar from sugarcane, but very few food packers say exactly how they extracted this ingredient. 

If you’re a bit nervous about the sugar in Dots, you could contact the company to find out how they manufacture it, but in general, most vegans would consider Dots to be vegan-friendly even with the refined sugar in the candy. 

Are Dots Dairy-Free?

Dots do not contain any dairy in any way, shape, or form! This is great for a lot of people who struggle to find dairy-free sweets

The problem with candy is that there are a few sweets on the market that surprise you by containing dairy by-products, such as whey or sodium caseinate.

Because of this, you should never assume that any kind of candy is free of dairy products until you examine the ingredients.

Are Dots Gluten-Free?

Dots come in a variety of flavors, and each one of them is gluten-free, so even if you have a sensitivity to gluten or an allergy to it, you shouldn’t have any trouble eating any of them. 


If you don’t mind eating a little bit of white sugar here and there, then Dots can be regarded as an acceptable option for vegans as a sweet treat.

A vegan need not worry about consuming this food because all of the ingredients, except for the white sugar, are either manufactured or derived from plants.

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