Best Carbon Steel Wok

Best Carbon Steel Wok

If you have ever enjoyed preparing stir fry in the traditional way, then you'll want to make sure that you have the very best equipment.

This is where having a carbon steel wok will really come in handy as, quite frankly, it is one of the best materials that you can find for cooking.

If you are looking for the best carbon steel wok, then you should know that there are many different types available on the market today.

While they may all look and feel similar, they are actually made from different materials.

Some are made from a composite of carbon and stainless steel, while others are made from aluminum or even copper.

However, if you are going to be using your wok regularly, then you will probably want to go with something that has been specifically designed to last.

That's why we recommend getting one that is made purely from carbon steel.

Best Carbon Steel Wok


First up, we have a carbon wok that is very durable and simple to use, making it the ideal wok for use either by professionals or newbies just looking to start out in the world of frying their foods.

This is made from commercial-grade carbon, meaning that it has been rigorously tested before being sent out of the factory.

The handle is made from high-quality wood, so you can rest assured that no matter how much you cook, this wok will remain strong and sturdy.

The nonstick surface makes it easy to clean, and because the pan is dishwasher safe, you don't need to worry about doing so manually.

The handle of this wok is also protected from fire and slippage, meaning that you can get a firm hold on this heavy wok.


  • Stainless Steel Construction - This is amazingly constructed, with a solid handle that will allow you to control the contents of your wok.
  • Durable - This wok is incredibly durable and long-lasting, which means that you won't have to replace it anytime soon.
  • Easy to Clean - Because this wok is made from commercial-grade material, it is extremely easy to clean. You simply need to wipe down the inside of the wok after each use.
  • Restaurant ready - this wok is one that can easily be used in a professional setting. This means that if you want your meals to be prepared with the same high quality as your favorite restaurants, then we would certainly recommend that you pick one of these.


  • Not Suitable for High Heat Cooking - Although this wok is great for low heat cooking, it isn't suitable for high-temperature cooking.


Next up, we have a wok that is affordable, reliable and made from some of the best materials that you can find on the market.

This comes with a solid wooden handle that you can be sure is heat-resistant and sturdy, allowing you to get the firm grip that you need to toss some of the heavier ingredients.

It also features an extra-thick base that allows you to stand the wok up at an angle without any problems.

Because this wok is made of carbon steel, it is not only durable but also resistant to rusting. It is also dishwasher safe, so you don't need to do anything manually when cleaning it.

Because this wok is made with a flat bottom, you can use it to make stir fry dishes and other types of food that require a flat surface.


  • Affordable - This wok is extremely affordable and perfect for those who are just starting out in the kitchen.
  • Heat-Resistant - This wok is made from carbon steel, which means that it is extremely heat-resistant.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Because this wok was designed to withstand the heat, you don't need to worry about having to wash it manually.
  • Suitable for Stir Fry Dishes - This wok is perfectly suited for stir fry dishes, as it offers a flat bottom that allows you to prepare them easily.


  • Doesn't Have a Nonstick Surface - Although this wok does come with a nonstick surface, it doesn't offer the same level of protection that you'll find in more expensive models.


This next wok comes with a glass lid, so you can be sure that you can get plenty of heat retention without having to turn up the heat on your stove.

The lid has been specially designed to fit snugly over the top of the pan, making it easier to remove once the meal is cooked.

You can also use the spatula included with this product to help you flip the contents of the wok, making it much easier than using tongs alone.

This wok is made from stainless steel, meaning that it will last for years and years.

The lid on the frying is also made from solid glass, which will be able to withstand high levels of heat.

This comes with a hanging ring that you can be sure will allow you to store it hanging from the ceiling rather than taking up space on your counter.

This will certainly be a benefit if you are struggling to find space in a smaller kitchen.


  • Glass Lid - You can be sure that this wok will retain heat well because it has a glass lid that fits snugly over the top of it.
  • Stainless Steel Construction - This wok is constructed from stainless steel, which makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting.
  • Hanging Ring Included - The hanging ring included with this wok makes it easy to hang up after cooking, saving you time and effort.
  • Great handle - this is another wok that comes with an amazing handle, allowing you to control the direction of the heat on the underside of your wok.


  • Not Dishwasher Safe - Although this wok is dishwasher safe, it isn't recommended that you leave it there for very long.
  • Nonstick Coating May Be Lost Over Time - Although this wok comes with a nonstick coating, it may wear off over time.


This next wok comes with a stainless steel lid as well as a stainless steel base.

This is made from largely carbon, meaning that could throw this at a wall and still not have it experience any dents.

It's also great because it won't rust or corrode, making it ideal for people who live in areas where they might encounter moisture.

The lid on this wok is very easy to remove, making it ideal for anyone who has not used a wok before.

It's also dishwasher safe, so you can make sure that you keep it clean and free of food residue.

The handle on this wok is one of the best around, offering you a comfortable grip when you're trying to flip the contents of the pan.

This comes with two wooden spoons, allowing you to easily stir the contents of the woks while keeping them separate.


  • Dishwasher Safe - This wok is dishwasher friendly, which means that you don't need to worry about cleaning it properly.
  • Easy To Use - The lid on this wok comes off quickly and easily, making it ideal for beginners. This will also keep a lot of heat in the wok after you have turned the stove off.
  • Large capacity - The large capacity of this wok allows you to cook larger quantities of food, making it a great option if you are cooking for large groups of people.
  • Two Wooden Spoons Included - These wooden spoons come with this wok, helping you to stir the contents of the pan while keeping them separated.


  • Loose handle - although this wok does include a good handle, it doesn't feel secure enough to hold onto during use. It can feel flimsy and weak compared to other handles available.


This next wok can stand up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, which makes it one of the best wok for grilling both meat and vegetables.

This will give you quick and even heat distribution across the entire base of your wok.

The lid on the wok is made out of high-quality material, ensuring that it will last for years without breaking down.

The handle on the wok is extremely easy to use, making it perfect for those who are new to using a wok.

You'll be able to flip the contents of your wok quickly and easily.

There are no wooden spoons included with this wok, but that's okay because you can get some from Amazon.

They work perfectly fine when cooking with this wok.


  • High Temperature - This wok can withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you the ability to cook foods like steak, chicken, and veggies all at once.
  • Stainless Steel Lid - The lid on this particular wok is made out primarily of stainless steel, meaning that it will last for many years.
  • No Loose Handle - Unlike most woks, this one includes an incredibly strong handle, making it much easier to use.
  • Great design - not only does this perform well, but it looks pretty good too. You won't have to worry about this one not blending in with your kitchen set.


  • Lid Not Dishwasher Safe - Although this wok is dishwasher safe, there isn't any way to ensure that the lid stays in place. If you accidentally leave it open, then it could fall into your sink or tub.


This next wok is one for those people who want that more traditional feel from their frying pan set.

This comes with a wooden lid that makes it not only very rustic looking, but it will also infuse your food with a few earthy flavors.

The handle on this wok is extremely sturdy, making it easy to flip around and move around.

If you're looking for a wok that has a lid that stays in place, then this is the right choice for you. It will stay closed while you're cooking, so you don't need to worry about it falling over.

You can use this wok for anything from stir-fries to searing steaks. It will allow you to cook whatever you would like to eat.


  • Wooden Lid - This wok comes with a wooden lid, allowing you to add a little bit of flavor to your meals. This will also not damage or scratch the bottom of your wok in the same way as some metal lids might.
  • Easy To Use - This wok is super simple to use, making it ideal for beginners. There aren't many things that you need to do before getting started.
  • Strong steel Handle - The handle on this wok feels incredibly solid, making sure that you can flip it around without having to worry about it slipping out of your hands.
  • Comes with video instructions - this detail is great if you are just getting to grips with cooking in a wok. With these sophisticated demonstrations, you'll be cooking food within a week or so.


  • Not Dishwasher Safe - Like other woks, this one is not dishwasher safe. However, if you take care of it properly, then you should be just fine.

Buyer's Guide

When choosing a carbon wok, you'll want to make sure that you choose one that fits your needs. While they may look similar, each one serves a different purpose.

Here are some things that you'll want to think about before purchasing one.

Best Carbon Steel Wok

How Durable Is It?

One thing that you'll want to consider when buying a wok is how durable it is.

How long will it last? Will it hold up under heavy usage? These are important questions to ask yourself before spending money on something that you know you'll only use once.

What Size Should I Get?

Another question that you'll want to ask yourself is what size you need.

Do you plan on using it often? If you're going to be cooking regularly, then you'll probably want to get a larger wok.

On the other hand, if you're just starting out, then you may want to stick with a smaller model.

Does It Have A Lid?

Another thing that you'll want is a lid. Some woks come with a lid, while others don't. You'll want to make sure you have one before you purchase.

This allows you to keep the heat inside of the wok, which will help you cook food faster.

Is It Easy To Clean?

This is another important consideration. When you buy a new wok, you'll need to clean it thoroughly after every use.

Make sure that you wash it well, and dry it completely. Once it's been cleaned, you'll want to store it somewhere where it won't collect dust.

How Heat-Resistant Is It?

Another thing that you'll want when buying a wok, is whether or not it's heat-resistant. Woks made from carbon steel are very good at keeping heat inside.

They are also easy to clean, but you'll still want to watch out for splatters.

Carbon steel is also relatively inexpensive, making them an excellent choice for those who don't have much money to spend.

How Much Is It?

You'll also want to consider how much you want to pay for your wok.

Carbon steel woks tend to be fairly affordable, although they are more expensive than stainless-steel ones. 

Stainless-steel models are generally cheaper, however, they aren't as sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carbon Steel The Best Material For A Wok?

Yes! Carbon steel is the best material for a wok because it is strong enough to withstand high temperatures, yet light enough to move easily.

Can I Use My Old Wok After Purchasing One?

Yes, we would always recommend that you keep your old wok as a backup.

However, your old wok might have developed so many scratches, that it might not have that much heat retention.

What Kind Of Cooking Does A Wok Help Me With?

A wok is used for stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming, and braising.

Are There Any Other Types Of Woks Out There?

Yes, there are several types of woks available. You'll want to find one that meets your specific needs.

Which Type Of Wok Is Right For Me?

We recommend that you go with a carbon steel wok. They are strong, versatile, and can handle a lot of abuse.

What Size Should I Buy?

Most people like to start off with a 12-inch wok. This gives you plenty of room to work with, and it's big enough to accommodate most recipes.

How Long Does A Carbon Steel Wok Last?

A carbon steel wok should last you a long time. In fact, some experts claim that they can last up to 50 years.


When choosing a wok, you'll want to look for a wok that has a large surface area, is durable, and is heat-resistant.

We hope that our list of good carbon steel woks has helped you narrow it down.

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