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Electric knives have grown massively in popularity, becoming a must-have kitchen utensil.

The main reason for this rapid growth in popularity is down to their ease of use.

While a standard chef knife is great for most kitchen tasks, an electric knife makes light work of tougher tasks.

Electric knives require little effort to carve through larger pieces of meat or slice crusty bread.

Whether you’re a big foodie who loves to cook at home, or a professional chef working in a top restaurant, an electric knife can save you time, and ensure every cut is consistent.

A high-quality electric knife will have a sharp, strong blade, usually with a serrated edge, and a lightweight design.

Surprisingly, finding the best electric knife with these features can be hard.

With so many to choose from, making the best decision can become overwhelming.

That’s why we’re here to help. After doing the research, we’ve found the best electric knives on the market and put them on one list, looking at their best features and any downsides.

If you’re looking for the best electric knife, make sure you check our list out!


Cuisinart Electric Knife


Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife


Waring WEK200 Rechargeable Electric Knife


Cuisinart Electric Knife

Seen as though Cuisinart has a solid reputation for producing the very best, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and utensils, it seems only right to start with their electric knife.

Cuisinart’s affordable, yet high-performing electric knife is the perfect example of the company’s passion for making exceptional kitchen utensils.Super easy to use and also quite stylish, this black electric knife comes with a durable stainless steel blade that easily cuts through vegetables, meats, and crusty bread.

Thanks to the serrated edge on the blade, cutting bread has never been easier.

You’ll find yourself cutting consistently sized slices of bread every time. When we reviewed the knife, we found that the cutting motion was stable and strong, cutting through foods like tomatoes and chicken as if they were butter.

We also appreciated how this electric knife can be purchased with a specialized chopping board and storage tray. Together, these features make the blade much safer to use. On the topic of safety, the Cuisinart electric knife features a much-loved sliding lock that must first be unlocked before you can start cutting.


  • High-quality safety features – Cuisinart has focused on safety when designing this knife.
  • Two-blade release buttons – To stop the blade from accidentally falling off, Cuisinart has included a two-blade release button system.
  • Great price – This knife is available at a great price.


  • Not cordless – Unfortunately, this knife has to be plugged in.

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Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White

The second electric knife on our list is a great option for anyone looking for more than just a knife without having to break the bank.

The Hamilton Beach knife also has a strong, sharp, durable, and reliable stainless steel blade like the Cuisinart electric knife.

Whether you’re cooking in a professional kitchen or just starting to learn about cooking, with this knife, you can expect to be able to effortlessly slice through meats, bread, and vegetables.

Thanks to the blade’s soft-grip handle, that has been designed to fit comfortably in most hands, you should be able to do this without experiencing any resistance from the knife or fatigue.

When we took a closer look at the Hamilton Beach electric knife, we were thrilled with its overall performance.

At no time did we feel any vibration from the blade. We also found the knife to be very quiet.

This helped make our experience with the knife a lot more enjoyable and smooth.

While the knife is pretty great, a lot of people decide to pick it out as a result of its extra features.

Along with the knife, upon purchase, you will also receive a carving fork and a convenient storage case.


  • Great all-around package – As far as the complete package goes, the Hamilton Beach electric knife is hard to beat.
  • Consistent cutting – This knife will cut consistently time and time again.
  • Versatile – This knife easily cuts through most food items.


  • Not cordless – This knife also has a cord, which can be quite inconvenient when completing some tasks.


Waring WEK200 Rechargeable Electric Knife

If you’re looking for an electric knife that doesn’t have a cable and instead runs off a battery, be sure to check out the Waring WEK200 rechargeable/cordless electric knife.

Offering unbelievable practicality in the kitchen, this powerful knife is also perfect for home cooks and professionals who like to take their cooking a bit more seriously.

The biggest selling point of this electric knife is that it doesn’t require a cord. Instead, Waring has fitted the blade with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that guarantees strong performance and long operating times.

Having no cord gives you the freedom and control you need to move around your kitchen.

You no longer need to worry about cutting your food near a power source.

Thanks to the knife’s cordless design, the knife is one of the best electric knives for carving food table side too.

You’ll find this extremely useful during Thanksgiving dinner.

When we carried out tests with this knife, it was clear to see how well the knife performs.

The metal blade easily cuts through poultry skin. For cutting bread, the knife also comes with a separate blade specifically designed to get the job done.

The knife’s safety lock system is also greatly appreciated.


  • Cordless – This is the first cordless knife on our list.
  • Bread knife included – The WEK200 also comes with a bread knife.
  • Suits a variety of users – This knife can be used by a home cook, beginner, or professional.


  • Pricey – This electric knife is very expensive.

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NutriChef PKELKN8 Electric Knife

The final electric knife on our list is the PKELKN electric knife from NutriChef.

The first thing you’ll notice about this knife is that it has a noticeably different appearance than the other knives we have taken a look at.

Instead of featuring one long handle, this electric knife has a handle that looks somewhat like a miniature iron.

Despite looking quite odd, this handle is very easy to hold. When we used the knife, we actually found it offered a stronger way to grip the knife as we cut, which allowed us to cut even slices of chicken easily.

On the handle, you’ll also find a neat two-button safety feature.

This feature is very important and another one we loved as it ensures the knife won’t turn on accidentally, reducing the risks of injury.

The only downsides to the NutriChef knife are that it isn’t as versatile as other blades and can get quite noisy.

In fact, when we tested the knife, the chicken was the only meat we could easily cut through.

While these downsides may seem pretty serious, if you’re only looking for a simple carving knife that is super easy to use, the NutriChef PKELKN8 could be perfect.


  • Solid grip – The unique handle on this knife gives you a strong grip.
  • Two-button safety feature included – This feature will ensure your safety.
  • Affordable – The NutriChef electric knife is sold at a very fair price.


  • Not very sharp – You will struggle to cut through tougher foods.

Buyer’s Guide

Before rushing into a decision, you need to take some time to consider what it is you need from a knife.

To do this, you need to take a number of key factors into consideration.

In this buyer’s guide, you will find details referring to the most important things to take into consideration and how they might impact your decision.


Although blade performance might be the most important factor when it comes to choosing the best electric knife, it is equally important to find one that is built to last.

An electric knife that isn’t durable can be very dangerous to use. The knife could stop working at any point, potentially causing injuries.

For example, a loose blade could fall off or snap as you cut, cutting you in the process.

The best way to avoid this risk is to choose an electric knife made out of the most durable materials.

In our opinion, stainless steel blades with a strong plastic casing are your best options. Both materials will stand up to the pressures of time.

What You Plan On Cutting

It is also a good idea to think about what you’re going to cut with the knife before you start looking for one.

While most of the knives on our list are ideal when it comes to cutting a wide range of foods, some are more specialized than others.

There are knives that are specifically designed to cut crusty bread, while others can slice or cut through almost anything.

By understanding what you need the knife for, you can save some money and also choose a knife that suits you more specifically.

The reason you can save money is that if you only need to slice bread, buying a bread cutting knife will be a lot cheaper than an all-around professional knife.

On the other hand, you can ensure you buy a knife capable of doing what you need.

For example, if you need to cut through a turkey, a bread-cutting electric knife won’t be any good.

Storage Capabilities

Once you’ve done your cutting, you’re going to need somewhere safe to put your knife away.

This is more important than when using other utensils because the blade on an electric knife is very sharp.

Therefore, you need to think about how you will store the knife you decide to buy.

Most knives are quite easy to store, coming with a special storage case that will safely hold the blades when you’re finished.

However, other knives are bulky and don’t come with any storage solutions.

We advise always looking for an electric knife that comes with some form of storage solution.

Additional Features

Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for some extra features whenever we buy any product, let alone an electric knife.

While they might not always be necessary, if you have a big enough budget, additional features can make your electric knife experience much more enjoyable and easier.

An example of a good additional feature to look out for is a carving fork or chopping board.

These features might not be essential, but they make it so much easier to cut through foods with more control, smoothness, and power.

It is worth noting that electric knives that come with more features tend to be more expensive.

Cordless Vs Corded

This one is pretty simple, but it can be quite important depending on how you plan on using your knife.

Generally speaking, cordless electric knives are better than corded ones. The reason for this is simple.

A cordless knife gives you the freedom to move around the kitchen, cutting food wherever you need to. This is particularly useful in a professional kitchen.

This isn’t possible with a corded electric knife as you have to keep the knife near a power source, which can be quite restrictive. However, corded knives tend to be a lot cheaper.

You need to sit down and think about which of these types of knives suits you best.

Personally, we like a cordless knife that lets us move freely around the kitchen and cut food table side.

However, if we were on a budget, we would definitely choose a corded knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Knives Worth It?

If you need to cut or slice food quickly, evenly, and cleanly, an electric knife is totally worth it.

Whether it be preparing vegetables for dinner or carving the Thanksgiving turkey, a high-quality electric knife will help you effortlessly and safely cut through tough food with consistency.

Thanks to an electric knife’s versatility, it can also be used to cut a wide range of other foods like cheese, bread, and beef.

What Is The Best Electric Knife?

While all the knives on our list are absolutely fantastic, our favorite has to be the Cuisinart electric knife.

We believe this is the best electric knife because it offers us everything we could possibly need from an electric blade.

On top of that, it can be bought with additional features that make using the knife even easier.

How Do You Clean An Electric Knife?

Cleaning your electric knife is actually a lot easier than you may think. All you need to do to keep your knife nice and clean is first remove the blades from the handle.

When that is done, wash the blades in warm soapy water. Make sure you don’t cut your hands as you do so.

When clean, you can dry the blade and place it back in its blade cover.

To clean the handle, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe any dirt off. Then, dry the handle thoroughly.

It is worth taking note that some electric knife blades can also be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that concludes this article looking at the best electric knives available right now.

You can clearly see from our list that there is a wide range of fantastic options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a professional electric knife to use in your restaurant, or the very first electric knife that will help you develop your cooking skills, there is an option for you on this list.

While finding the best knife for you can be quite difficult, even when you have a solid list in front of you, when you know what to look for and what works well, the whole process becomes a lot easier.

Every electric knife on our list varies when it comes to how well it cuts food, the extra features they come with, and how safe they are to use.

It is now down to you to narrow the list down until you’ve found the knife that suits your needs and requirements best.

Using our buyer’s guide to your advantage will help you make a positive final decision.

Good Luck!


Black & Decker 9-Inch Electric Knife

Black & Decker is another brand well-known for producing high-quality, high-performing kitchen appliances and utensils.

Their budget-friendly 9-inch electric knife is no exception.

Despite being a more affordable option, suitable for those on a budget, the Black & Decker electric knife still provides users with plenty of versatility thanks to a smooth, clean-cutting motion.

This knife has a serrated, stainless steel blade that rapidly cuts through most foods, ensuring every cut is consistent.

This makes it easier for you to maintain an even, straight cut every time you operate the knife.

Foods you will easily be able to cut include meat, vegetables, and crusty bread. A lot of people like to use the knife to cut through cheeses too.

Though the knife’s cutting ability is the main feature, another key selling point is its sturdiness and comfortability.

This knife has a comfortable handle that you’ll never tire of using and a sturdy knife that won’t vibrate as you cut, reducing the chance of any resistance.

This will help you cut large amounts of food effortlessly and smoothly.

What impressed us most with this knife was its ability to stay quiet and its safety lock button.

The safety lock button guarantees the knife won’t turn on unexpectedly.


  • Incredibly priced – You’ll be amazed at how affordable this knife is.
  • Smooth – You can cut food cleanly with the Black & Decker electric knife.
  • Cuts cheese easily – This knife also cuts through cheese easily.


  • The blade can fall out – With just one press release button, the blade could potentially fall out if the button is pressed while cutting.

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