Gotham Stackmaster Reviews

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There’s an adage that paraphrases that if you have a tidy and organized space – you’ll have a tidy and organized mind. Let’s face it, we all want to have a tidy home.

When everything is organized, not only does it make the areas easier to clean, but it simply looks much better – and finding things is a breeze! When it comes to kitchens, this is not an exception. The problem is though, sometimes we live in a place that has a small kitchen, or a kitchen with a lack of adequate space.

Without enough room, we can’t put our pots and pans away tidily, and it can make the kitchen look very rough, disorganized, and in simpler words – wrong. So, take a seat and get comfortable – enjoy our Gotham Steel Stackmaster review!

What Is The Gotham Stackmaster?

The Gotham Steel Stackmaster is a cookware set that lets the customer try to utilize their small kitchen spaces and be able to cook more items with little room on their stoves.

The cookware set comes with ten pieces, and they are stackable. The product set tries to promote efficiency and convenience without compromising on quality. The idea is that the Gotham Steel set should not scratch or damage when they are stacked and should have a long-lasting life.

What Does The Gotham Stackmaster Come With?

It’s a ten-piece set that comprises six pans and pots, four of which have lids. In total, when you order a Gotham Stackmaster, you should open the set and see the following items:

  1. Five qt stockpot (lid included)
  2. Eight-inch frying pan
  3. Ten-inch skillet
  4. A 3.75 qt sauté pan (lid included)
  5. A 2.75 qt saucepan (lid included)
  6. A 3.5 qt saucepan (lid included)
  7. A plastic utensils set (five pieces)
  8. A basket fryer
  9. A vegetable steamer

The final three items don’t come with all sets and are often bonus items, but typically you should find these in a Gotham Stackmaster set.

When these items are stacked, they will, in essence, build a column that should provide you with the space you are hoping for.

How Does The Gotham Stackmaster Work?

The specific design with the Stackmaster means that each pot and pan is easily stacked and should not be scratched or in any other way damaged when in use or storage.

Of course, this is not without its flaws. Yes, by stacking your pots and pans, you’re getting much more room (albeit piled up rather than spread out), but these pots and pans will only stack one way. This became quite an annoyance when trying to access a specific pot or pan.

For example, at one point – we were hoping to get access to a specific pan, but it was in the middle of the stack which meant that we had to take them all out of the storage space, deconstruct them and select the pan. This might sound like a very small problem in the grand scheme of things but consider this. If you have a much smaller kitchen, moving pots and pans around when there are other things on the worktops becomes a real drag.

If you’re in the full cooking swing too, you might be forced to place the pots and pans on the floor, and this is completely unhygienic and will require you to then wash every pan and pot when you only want to use one! Although, what is to the credit of the Stackmaster actually has nothing to do with its name.

The way the pots and pans operate is that they allow for induction heating processes, which cook food evenly throughout. This is fantastic and what’s more? They can fit in most ovens, and they’re safe to leave it there, without the worry of burning or melting parts of the product going everywhere in your oven!

It’s also worth noting that the Stack master can be used on any type of stove, whether that is gas, electric, or otherwise.

Even though we mentioned it can be an annoyance to have to clean every item if you had to (for example) put them on the floor to access a specific item, luckily – all the items in the set are dishwasher safe AND because of their stackable nature – you can easily fit more items in the washer!

If you’re not worried about using specific cookware for their intended purposes, you’ll be happy to hear that every item can be interchangeably used. Do you want to use a pan as a pot? Go right ahead!

Okay, master chefs won’t be pleased with that choice, but the option is there if you’re lacking items.

Gotham Stackmaster’s Non-Stick Surfaces

Gotham’s Stackmaster set says that they are tough and durable but also have non-stick surfaces on their pots and pans. For the uninitiated, this basically means that if you were to cook something that could stick in the pan – you would not need to use a lubricating food item like butter or oil.

In our experience, this was the case for the most part, particularly when used over low heat. Having said that though, over time after several washes and increasing the heat – burned residue did appear, but it was not overwhelming.

Luckily, due to the ease of cleaning these items, it was simple to remove. If you want our advice on that, try to stick with a lower heat, and you will not need to use butter or oil.

Of course, the advantage here is that you can enjoy your foods with much lower calories by removing the need for things like butter and oil.

Additionally, due to the titanium material which is bolstered by ceramic, the likelihood of corrosion and tasting your pan in your food is almost nonexistent!

Is The Gotham Stackmaster Expensive?

No, it’s a very inexpensive product, and you certainly get what you pay for.

We’ve bought many pans and pots over the years and very few have the benefits that this product does, but as we have already shown, nothing is without its flaws! If you are on a budget, this product is still worth the spending.

It’s a good gift idea for the holidays if you’re stuck on ideas of what to ask for, or even to buy for someone you know and love!

Pros And Cons

Many consumers, simply want to know what the pros and cons are of a product before they buy it – and we agree that this is one of the best ways to make an informed decision without actually trying it first.

Below we go into the best reasons to buy a Gotham Stackmaster set and follow that up with some reasons that could change your mind.


Let’s start with the positive points:

Space Saver

Perhaps the best-selling point of this product is that it will save you kitchen space and that’s something that we all want and love!

Not only will your kitchen have more room to maneuver, but your stove-top will be utilized more efficiently!

More food can be cooked and less waiting time for pans to become available – excellent!


Due to the non-stick surface, the use of potential calorie-increasing lubricating foods like butter becomes unnecessary.

For people who want to always try to keep to a low-calorie recipe, this is the set you should be looking for.

Additional Accessories

Everybody loves extra products in their order, and if you get the accessories in your order – you get some excellent additional items that would normally cost quite a bit alone!

Dishwasher Safe

Why wash up when you can put them all in the dishwasher? All items from this set can safely be put into the dishwasher!

Free From PFOA

Many cookware items contain a potentially toxic chemical known as PFOA. The Gotham Stackmaster does not contain it, so you know you’ll be safe!


Nothing is without criticism. Here are some of the cons:

One-Way Stacking

Due to their shape, you can only stack them in their intended format – meaning it can be a real grind trying to get to the third pan in!

Circular Lacks Depth

The circular shape of the pots means that they lack some depth that square pots could handle.

Two Pans Lack The Lids

For some reason, there are two pans in the set that do not have lids – which leads us to confusion. You cannot use the other lids effectively for them either!


The Gotham Steel Stackmaster is a great 10-piece cookware product and is definitely worth its price. There are other products on the market, but very few do what this does.

Even with the few cons it has, they do not outweigh the many positives that we have found using this set.

We hope you have found this review helpful for you. Happy cooking and happy shopping!

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