Greenpan Review

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Greenpan has been around since 2007 and introduced the original ceramic nonstick pans.

These pans are often made using recycled aluminum and use a non-toxic ceramic coating, which helps users to create healthier meals with much less oil and makes them easier to clean. This environmentally-friendly brand has caught the eye of a lot of chefs.

If you still aren’t sure whether you should purchase pans from this brand, then carry on reading. In this article, we will be taking a closer look into Greenpan and their non-stick pans.

About Greenpan

In 2007, creators Jan Helskins and Wim De Veerman wanted to create a pan that would keep your food free from toxins and clean. Greenpan had its origins in Belgian, but now the company is located in New York.  This is a non-stick cookware brand that wants cooks to use much less butter or oil while they are cooking.

There are various sets and different types of pans that you can choose from. Yet they are all made from recycled aluminum and use a non-toxic non-stick coating.

The whole company is committed to being as sustainable as possible. However, due to all of these reasons, this brand can be pricier and the pans may have more care requirements than other types of pans. 

Greenpan Design


There are various pans and cookware sets that Greenpan has produced. The designs of these sets also vary from matte black pants with a golden handle, to stainless steel dealing with pastels. 

One of Greenpan’s bestsellers is the Paris Pro Collection. Like a lot of other frying pans, Greenpan has created the Paris Pro Collection frying pan using a hard anodized aluminum.

The use of this aluminum makes the pan quite durable. While also, makes these pans very quick to heat up and also retain the heat they have created. 

The base of the pan is completely flat, which creates very even heating and good stability when in use on the stove top.

You have the choice of different exterior colors, such as matte black, a bright blue or green color, or you can go with classic stainless steel. You will also notice that both the frying pans and wok have a sloped side design. While the saucepans have very straight sides.

Also, all the pans and pots have straight rims, which allow the ingredients to stay within the pots and pans.

However, customers have mentioned that the straight sides have caused issues when it comes to pouring liquids out from the pans or pots when in use. Hence, this can cause a mess in your kitchen. 


The handles that Greenpan uses have been designed to be riveted. This provides more stability and strength when handling the pots and pans.

In fact, the handles form at the base of the pot or pan. This helps the handle disperse as much heat as possible, which should allow the handle to stay cool enough to be touched. 

The majority of the handles across all the Greenpan cookware are stainless steel. Yet there is some variation depending on some collections that Greenpan offers.

In the Padova Collection, this cookware set has golden colored stainless steel handles. While in the Hudson Collection, these have wooden handles and offer you a more rustic and natural style and look.

A few customers have said that the rivets in the handle make the pan a little more difficult to clean. This is because oil or food can get stuck in them and around them.

Also, on each pot or pan, the handle is engraved with the Green pan logo. This engraving has also been said to be tricky to keep clean, so requires a bit of attention.


There are lids to match the stainless steel handles. The lids will provide a snug fit to the pots and pans to help keep the moisture within the food that you are creating. With the lid handles, they are quite thick, but this makes them very durable and sturdy when under heat.  

Non-Stick Coating Used

The interior of Greenpan cookware is often dark gray and skinny. This is due to the Thermolon coating that is used on the cookware.

The non-stick ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE-free. This is a very desirable thing, as it means no toxins or chemicals have been used to create the non-stick coating. 

Instead of using chemicals that are often used for non-stick coatings, Greenpan used Thermolon. It is known that Thermolon is a very natural alternative to traditional non-stick coatings.

Hence, there will be no toxic fumes released if the pans are overheated by mistake. The pans have also been tested to make sure that the pans are safe as they can be for owners to use. 

Some interiors of these pans can be dark, while others can be dark. It is worth noting that the customers have noted that the lighter-colored interiors on the pans will discolor over time.

They also show any stains on the pans as well. This is something to be aware of when purchasing these pans. 


Greenpan has been around for quite a number of years now and gained quite the following. The majority of customers praise how quickly these pans heat up and how evenly the heat is spread across the pot or pan.

Due to heating up so quickly, you don’t need to use such a high heat when using these pans. You don’t need to use high heat with these pans, a medium pan will work perfectly.

You should only really need to use high heat on these pans when it comes to browning or searing. Yet, the rest of the cooking process should be on low to medium heat. 

It is important to remember that this is a non-stick pan. Yet if something sticky gets baked into the pan, then a lot of customers have noticed that the pan quickly loses its non-stick abilities.

Then it will burn the majority of what you are cooking. Thus, it is important to not cook on high heat with these pans. 


Compared with other non-stick cookware, this brand is slightly more expensive. Especially when compared with PTFE non-stick cookware.

However, they are the most affordable ceramic non-stick brand out there. Yet due to being chemical-free, made from recycled materials, and sustainable.

It is no surprise that Greenpan has a high price tag, as they are making high-quality cookware.

Maintenance And Cleaning Green pan

According to the official care instructions of Greenpan, you should allow the cookware to completely cool down before cleaning.

However, you should clean this cookware after every use. Due to the ceramic non-stick coating that these products use, they have been found very easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. Although to help increase the durability and performance of the non-stick coating, it is recommended that you don’t put this cookware in the dishwasher that often.

Instead, when it comes to cleaning these products, wash them in warm soapy water and then rinse and dry them with a towel.

This is because the ceramic coating will begin to break down in the dishwasher over time much quicker than hand washing.

Also, some dishwasher detergents contain chemicals that are too harsh for the ceramic non-stick coating. This will then affect the longevity of the product. 

Parts of the pan may begin to discolor over time, however, this will not affect the overall performance of the Greenpan cookware.

It is important that you don’t use harsh chemicals on your cookware, as this can affect and damage the ceramic non-stick coating.

Alongside that, try to avoid using nylon or steel wool pads when cleaning this cookware. Otherwise, you run the risk of scratching your Greenpan cookware.

With that being said, not many customers have mentioned their Greenpan products becoming scratched.

However, it is advised to avoid using metal utensils on these products, otherwise, this can affect the ceramic coatings and ruin the non-stick abilities of the pans. 


Greenpan is seen as one of the best non-stick ceramic cookware brands on the market. The brand has been around since 2007 and made various collections.

These products are versatile as they can be used on all stove tops and in the oven. Green pan is an eco-friendly and non-toxic cookware brand that develops and creates its products sustainably. 

This brand may not be ideal if you are on a budget, as they are quite pricey. Also, due to using non-chemical for the non-stick coating, these pants aren’t the most durable compared to PTFE non-stick pans. 

There are a lot of pros and cons to Greenpan. Yet overall, they are an eco-friendly brand that is a great alternative to PTFE non-stick cookware sets.

We hope this article has helped in your decision, whether you should be purchasing some Green pan cookware for yourself.

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