The 35 BEST Spinach Recipes

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Spinach is certainly one of the most accessible superfoods. Packed with nutrients but with a very low-calorie density, it is the perfect leafy green to promote skin and hair health. Its mild flavors make it perfect for pairing with lots of food – perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

New and exciting food recipes that are not difficult to cook can be hard to find unless you are looking in the right place. A good recipe guide, like this one, is very important for newbies to get comfortable in the kitchen, or for seasoned pros to quickly learn something new.

Check out these 35 best spinach recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make sure you are getting all your greens. Happy cooking!


Creamed Spinach

Side dishes are a great way to pack more spinach into your diet – providing sufficient nutrients without interfering with your main dish. Quickly knock up this velvety sauce in one pot and pair it with any number of meat mains for a taste of luxury with ease.

Aloo Palak

Be sure to make this potato and spinach side the next time you’re making an Indian feast. This is a super healthy and delicious option for a side, using just a few spices that produce maximum flavor impact. Add some nuts over the top for added crunch and be sure to avoid overcooking the spinach for vibrant green color.


Spanakopita is an authentic Greek dish that is what most people think of when they think of spinach. The rich feta and spinach filling and crispy filo pastry are a great contrast to each other in this super moreish dish.

This dish is a great snack option, but can also be served as part of the main meal making this great pie great for versatile cooking.

Chicken Florentine Pie

Once you have tried spanakopita you will be after another taste of the delicious pastry so why not try this pie? A deliciously creamy filling of spinach and chicken paired with sheets of crisp pastry for a moreish nibble of flavor perfection.

Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach and Chickpeas)

This Andalusian dish takes the best parts of Spanish cuisine, combining freshness with meat for an uncomplicated flavor profile that still packs quite the flavor punch.

This dish is certainly at home on a tapas table and is ready to eat in just half an hour. This hearty side is fairly traditional but is made hearty with additional tomatoes and a sprinkle of almonds.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This dip is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser that is made in one pot so you will be cooking it again and again! Be sure to pair it with fluffy bread and sticky melted cheese for the best kind of indulgent snack.

Spinach and Artichoke Melt

This quick toastie is a perfect pub snack and has a delicious spinach and artichoke dip filling. Stuff with as much cheese as you dare for an indulgent and comforting snack.

Sauteed Spinach

For the best spinach taste, why not master sauteing spinach? Fry spinach in some good olive oil and garlic for a delicious side that can easily be paired with any number of main dishes for added color and nutritional value.


Bacon and Spinach Frittata

This cheesy frittata is a delicious option for a weekend breakfast or brunch, packed with vegetables and a little bit of bacon for the best kind of indulgence. 

This recipe uses baby spinach which is spinach that is harvested at an early point in the plant’s growth – usually around three weeks post-planting. This limited growing time means that the leaves are very tender and have a very mild but sweet taste. Baby spinach is the perfect way to introduce spinach into your diet as mature spinach can have an earthy taste and take a little longer to cook.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Egg Breakfast Skillet

Can’t have breakfast without some eggs? These eggs come with mountains of deliciousness and are sunny side up to brighten your day. As these eggs are cooked right in the skillet with everything else, you can cook them to your liking – runny yolk or more hard-boiled – while they soak up the garlicky goodness from the wilted spinach and garlic fried mushrooms. 

Spinach Ricotta Brunch Bake

If you have a little more time in the mornings, treat yourself and your guests to this delicious pastry breakfast. This pie is super simple to make either in the morning or ahead of time and bakes happily in the oven for an hour so you can get on with your day.

Don’t forget to experiment and try out your own fillings! Try adding in some bacon or crumbly sausage meat for a dish that will make your tastebuds sing first thing.

Spinach and Cheese Strata

If cheese is your thing, you have to try this spinach and cheese strata made with three types of cheese. It is one of the easiest bread pudding recipes you will ever find and is a good option for those who like to prepare food ahead of time. Just in case you need any more reasons to try out this spectacular breakfast option, it is super budget-friendly and is a brilliant way to use up stale bread.


Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Chicken soup and gnocchi are some of the most comforting dishes of all time, so combining them into a delicious meal creates the ultimate indulgent lunch. This soup tastes just like Olive Garden, but without the calories, and is really light so perfect for those with busy afternoons.

Made with carrot, celery, and spinach, this soup is full of nutritional goodness and flavor. But perhaps the best thing about this soup is that it is all cooked in one pot. 

Moroccan Lentil Stew

This stew is the ideal choice for those looking for a hearty meal on a cold day. The lentils, spinach, and chickpeas provide a solid base for a nutritious meal, while the selection of spices packs a flavourful punch. 

You can easily customize this dish by altering the spice quantities so feel free to spice things up with some chili, but you also have the option of cooking with oil and vegetable stock to make this versatile dish vegan.

Tuscan White Bean Soup

This soup is an excellent one-pot wonder, carrying enough flavor and substance to make a great dinner option as well as lunch.

Made with a good variety of vegetables for both nourishment and flavor, this delicious soup also has a decent quantity of stewed spinach for your daily dose of leafy green.

Italian Wedding Soup

Italy certainly knows how to make an excellent soup that is both delicious and easy to prepare. If you fancy something different, this soup is a perfect combination of vegetables, spinach, and marinated meatballs, all within a rich broth. 

You can easily change the ingredients to create your perfect dish and this soup freezes really well – ideal for a super quick lunch.

Spinach and Meatball Soup

If you are craving something different, why not try this soup with its really tender chicken meatballs. These meatballs are so flavorful and pair excellently with the light broth and al dente orzo pasta. Just top with some cheese and a chunk of crusty bread and you are all set for a great lunch.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

This light salad is a great marriage of sweet strawberries and savory dressing, all atop a bed of leafy green spinach. Top with nuts for some crunch that contrasts the smooth texture of the spinach and avocado, and toss in some thinly sliced red onion for a flavor zing.

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

Sometimes, all you need is some tomato soup. Take it to the next level with some simple additions of tortellini and spinach for a super creamy and nutritious meal. If you are concerned about the amount of fat you eat, opt for half and a half rather than heavy cream. This will still provide a super creamy sauce but will be lower in calories.


Stuffed Chicken Breasts

These chicken breasts are stuffed with cheese, baked, and served with a creamy spinach sauce that is really delicious. Ideally, you should use fresh spinach for the best color and texture in the sauce, but you can also use frozen spinach that has been thawed. If you do opt for frozen spinach, make sure you squeeze out as much water as possible to keep the sauce nice and thick.

Pan-Seared Salmon

Salmon is a great healthy alternative to other types of meat, offering a great source of protein and lots of omega-3 fatty acids for maintaining healthy blood vessels and a strong immune system. This dish is ready in just 30 minutes, and pairs salmon with a spinach sauce for a great combination of healthy ingredients.

Palak Paneer with Garlic

Palak paneer is a great vegetarian Indian dish, carrying all the flavors typical of Indian food but without being overly complicated to cook.

The sauce is spinach with some seasoning so you can choose to use mature or baby leaf spinach. Go for baby leaf spinach if you want a milder spinach flavor and opt for mature spinach if you want your curry to have a deep and earthy flavor. 

Stuffed Salmon in Garlic Butter

If you fancy something a little more indulgent during the week, try this fantastic salmon dish. The salmon is pan-fried and then stuffed with a cheesy spinach filling for a great contrast in texture. The garlic butter gives great flavor and compliments both the salmon and spinach wonderfully.

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

This recipe does take a little more effort than others in this guide but is certainly worth it. This lasagna also freezes well so you can always portion it out ready for an evening when you are short on time. 

You of course have the option to add any meat of your choice to this vegetarian lasagna, but the mushroom sauce is super satisfying and will satisfy all of your umami needs.

Lemon Chicken with Spinach

This chicken dish is simple and very quick – the perfect midweek meal. Combining lemon with spinach increases the body’s absorption of iron from the leafy green vegetable, as well as provides a nice layer of freshness over the top of the dish for an excellent final taste.

Chicken and Sausage Pasta

Pasta is always a great choice for those short on time and this mouth-watering dinner is no different, ready in just thirty minutes. The combination of chicken and sausage means that there is something for everyone around the dinner table – even the picky eaters will be happy! 

Tuscan Chicken Crockpot

If you want to try some Mediterranean flavors but aren’t sure where to start, this crockpot dish is a great option. This dish uses typical Italian flavors for a great authentic taste of Italian cuisine, combining spinach with sundried tomatoes for gorgeous bursts of color.

Roasted Garlic, Chicken, and Spinach Pizza

Roasted garlic is an excellent ingredient, providing a sweet background flavor and great caramelized color to the dish. The white sauce is ricotta and some seasoning for simple but delicious cooking, a great alternative to the traditional red tomato sauce for pizza.

Cheesy Spinach Enchiladas

This dish is a great way of using up any leftover spinach leaves.

Use all your favorite ingredients for the best enchiladas or stick to the recipe for a super healthy version of this Tex Mex classic.

Lemon Shrimp and Spinach with Spaghetti

Lemon and seafood is a classic flavor combo, as is lemon and spinach, so this simple spaghetti dish is a great marriage of flavors. This dish is super quick and simple to make so you will always have something to look forward to on busy weeknights. Simply toss together the cooked ingredients and serve – voila!

Creamy Pork Chops with Spinach

Pork chops are an absolute classic dinnertime meal and, once you master cooking this cut of meat, you will have found your new staple dish that will always impress. There is no intense labor involved here – the whole dish comes together in half an hour – but you wouldn’t have thought so once you have tasted the rich and delicious sauce.

Green Rice Casserole

If you enjoy simple cooking techniques – such as in mixing it together, putting it in a dish, and baking – this is the recipe for you! The cheesy and creamy flavor of this dish is a great way to get more spinach into your diet without the need for boring salads.

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

If you want something fancy to impress your friends and family, you have to try this delicious pork dish. The swirl at the center adds great flair to any mealtime, using the tried and tested combination of spinach and feta. This classic flavor pairing provides a light and creamy contrast to the pork, maximizing flavor and texture for a delicious meal.

Mozzarella Chicken in Tomato Sauce

There is nothing that is associated more with Italian cuisine than tomatoes and mozzarella so try this chicken dish the next time you fancy something from Mediterranean cuisine. Use fresh tomatoes and spinach for a super-rich sauce that adds mounds of flavor to the chicken and cover with cheese at the end for the ultimate Italian feast.

Flank Steak Stuffed with Parmesan, Spinach, and Lemon Zest

Newbie to gourmet cooking but want to find your signature dish? You really need to give these flank steak pinwheels a try. Super easy to make with a few ingredients, these wheels are bound to impress on any special occasion. 

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