Are Copper Chef Pans Toxic?

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When it comes to your cookware, you naturally want the best of the best for a decent price but unfortunately, there can be a lot of hidden dangers with certain types of pots and pans. 

While some brands will push their products as the best and list off all the reasons why they will also hide a lot of important drawbacks that can be seriously harmful to you and your family. 

Over recent years, more and more concerns have been raised regarding copper pans, including the ones sold by the popular brand Copper Chef. Some have even called Copper Chef pans toxic – but is this true, or just the result of misinformation spread online? 

Here we are going to be covering all the worries and concerns you may have about Copper Chef pans. This way, you find out what types of cookware to buy – and which ones to avoid. So, let’s jump right in! 

Why Do People Think Copper Chef Pans Are Toxic? 

In recent years, copper cookware has become super popular due to many reasons. Not only did it look really cool and unique, but copper is a very good conductor of heat which means that copper pans would heat up quickly and cut down the total amount of time it takes to cook a meal.

Plus, they can also help you use less fuel and power to cook your meals, saving you some cash on your energy bills as well! One of the leading brands of copper cookware is Copper Chef and as a result, many people purchased their new copper pans from this high-quality manufacturing company. 

But then, more and more people became concerned about copper cookware in general. This is because copper is actually a toxic heavy metal which means that when you use it to cook your meals, you could be leaking toxic chemicals into your food. This may leave your meals with a metallic taint. 

Because of this, many people took to the internet to start spreading this information. As a result, many people are now in doubt over whether or not they can buy Copper Chef pans. Although they claim to be non-toxic on their website, is this actually true? 

Are Copper Chef Pans Toxic?

Overall, copper pans are perfectly safe to cook with as long as they are lined with another metal to prevent the toxins from leaking into your food. 

This is why you may find so much copper cookware that is black or coated with another material on the inside where it comes in contact with the food.

So, does this mean that Copper Chef pans are safe for use? 

Well, in all of our research, we have found many sources that claim that Copper Chef pans are perfectly safe to use because they are PTFE-free and also PFOA-free.

These types of non-stick coatings (sometimes also known as Teflon) are another huge concern when it comes to toxins in your food but Copper Chef does not use these materials when making their products. 

Because of this, many adverts and reviews for Copper Chef pans talk about they are non-toxic because they don’t use these harmful chemicals – but none of them seem to tackle the issue with copper pans. 

Despite this, we think it’s definitely safe to say that Copper Chef pans are indeed non-toxic.

How To Care For Copper Pans

If there’s one thing we know about using pots and pans for cooking is that the ‘non-stick’ coating’ eventually wears off after a few years – but there are steps you can take to try and help keep that Cerami-Tech coating on your Copper Chef pans for as long as possible. 

Make sure you avoid washing your copper pans in the dishwasher. Although they are safe to go in, it’s better if you hand wash them because you are less likely to chip away at the Cerami-Tech coating. 

Also, you should avoid using any abrasive materials to try and scrub your copper pans clean. Let your pans soak to try and lift any tough food residue left behind after cooking and stick to using sponges or cloths to clean your Copper Chef pans. 

When cooking, you should also use any metal utensils to stir or flip your food when cooking with your Copper Chef pans – use wooden or plastic utensils instead. This way, you can help prevent scratching away the protective coating of your pans.


So, Copper Chef pans are totally safe to use and are non-toxic because they do not use any dangerous chemicals in their production. Not only that but there is a protective Cerami-Tech layer that prevents toxins from entering your food as you cook. This means that Copper Chef pans are non-toxic and safe to buy and use at home!

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