Are Green Pans Oven Safe?

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GreenPan is the brand name of a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality non-stick kitchen products.

GreenPan cookware items are a lot more reliable compared to standard non-stick frying pans. These pans are very common among beginners and professional chefs, thanks to their trustworthy performance. 

However, some people aren’t sure about whether Greenpan cookware is oven safe or not. So, what is the answer? Can you put GreenPan pans in the oven? 

The short answer is yes, GreenPan items are oven safe, but there are some safety guidelines you should be aware of before doing so. 

We’ll cover more about placing GreenPan’s items safely in the oven in this article, including how to know if your pan is oven safe or not. 

Are GreenPans Oven Safe?

GreenPan cookware can be used in the oven, but you need to be aware of some safety recommendations before doing so. GreenPan pans may be able to be placed in the oven, but the heat tolerance will depend on the type of GreenPan products you have. 

If your pan and its handle are completely made from stainless steel, it should be able to handle heat up to 600°F within an oven. The lid will be able to stand a little less heat, at 425°F. 

Most GreenPan cookware will be oven-safe at temperatures under 600°F, apart from the Rio and Hudson series kitchenware. The Stockholm series is made from stainless steel and will have a higher heat tolerance. 

Wooden, rubber, and silicone handles will be able to handle less heat. The Rio series uses rubber handles, while the Hudson pans use wooden ones. 

If your pan’s handle isn’t stainless steel and is made from a different polymer, these products won’t be able to tolerate heat levels over 350°F. Similarly, other substances, like glass, will degrade in heat levels over 390°F. 

Take note that these figures are based on most of GreenPan’s kitchen products. Always check the instruction booklet included with your particular item to be safe.

These details will protect your pan and oven from damage, but they’ll also go a long way in avoiding potential fires in the kitchen. 

Are Non-Stick Pans Oven Safe?

Most non-stick pans will have a Teflon coating, which is why you need to take care before placing them in the oven. Teflon coatings won’t be able to tolerate heat past a particular level. 

You may encounter pans with a ceramic non-stick later, like GreenPan’s Thermolon line. These products have a higher heat tolerance, but they will still have their limitations.

To be on the safe side, avoid exposing non-stick Teflon pans to heat above 350°F. Some pans may have more than one non-stick layer.

If they come into contact with temperatures that are too high, the non-stick coating may melt away. This can spoil your food but it may also release dangerous vapors that can harm your health. 

You can find examples of pans coated with non-stick substances with higher heat tolerance. However, the majority of pans that use either Teflon, PTFE, or cadmium, should stay away from temperatures above 350°F. 

If your non-stick pan isn’t made from any of those substances, like the GreenPan’s ceramic Thermolon line, make sure that you know what their handles and lids are made from.

The pan’s main body might be free from Teflon, but that doesn’t mean the lids and handles will be. 

How To Tell If Your Pan Is Oven Safe

Unfortunately, not all of your kitchen pans will be oven safe. Your pan needs to be designed to be used in the oven before it can be placed in one. These cookware items will be labeled specifically as such, so always check beforehand.

Only pans that are marked as oven-safe are safe for the oven. If you decide to put any regular pan in the oven, you may risk damaging your pan, oven, and other items in the surrounding area. 

Most cooking pans aren’t suitable to be used in the oven. These will be made from substances that can break down under extreme heat, which is why they must stay out of the oven.

Wooden or plastic-handled pans, for instance, can burn or liquefy when exposed to the oven’s heat. 

If your pan isn’t labeled as oven-safe, or if you cannot find the necessary information, here are some ways to check if it is oven safe. 

Metals that have high heat tolerance are generally oven safe. For example, steel or iron pans can generally be used in the oven without any issues.

Ceramic ones are also oven-safe, so you can use ceramic-handled pans in the oven with ease. However, do remember that while your pan’s base may be made from oven-safe substances, the lids and handles may not be, and vice versa. 

Is GreenPan Cookware Dishwasher Safe? 

GreenPan has declared that most of their cookware is dishwasher safe, but this is rarely advisable. It’s always best to handwash GreenPan items instead of placing them in a dishwasher. 

This is largely due to the Thermolon layer. The coating is at risk of breaking down under the elements within a dishwasher. Handwashing may take longer, but it will ensure that your GreenPan products last longer. 

GreenPan cookware uses a special substance to create its non-stick layer, but this won’t last forever. Handwashing and taking good care of your pans will ensure that your pans will last for a few years, at best. 

If you’re unsure, check your pan’s instruction booklet. This should state whether your pan is suitable for the dishwasher or if you should stick to hand-washing.

The booklet will also list any general safety and care recommendations for your particular item. 


Yes, GreenPan products can be used in the oven, but you need to take some precautions. Always check to see if your product is labeled as oven safe.

You should also check to see if the handles and lids are too, as some can be made from materials with lower heat tolerance. 

If you’re unsure, check the manual that came with your item. Remember to look after your GreenPan products through careful hand-washing and avoiding the dishwasher. 

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