Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Vegan?

Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Vegan?

Are you planning a trip to Olive Garden and want to know what you can eat as a vegan? Perhaps you have heard that breadsticks are suitable for vegans and want to know more?

Maybe you are looking to cut down on meat and want to know what your options are. No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answer for you! 

Figuring out what you can eat as a vegan at Olive Garden can be tricky. After all, so much of its menu is meat-heavy!

You can find yourself pouring over the menu online, getting more and more frustrated, wondering if you can even have breadsticks there! But no one seems to have a straight answer for you, which only adds to your frustration.

Well, we are here to give you the answers you need. Keep reading to find out if Olive Garden breadsticks are vegan and everything you need to know about eating at Olive Garden as a vegan. 

What Are Olive Garden Breadsticks?

Before we dive into the article, let’s have a quick recap for anyone that needs it. Olive Garden breadsticks are breadsticks served at the restaurant chain, Olive Garden. 

These appetizers are topped with garlic salt to give them a delicious taste! The breadsticks have a delicious crunch, but softness on the inside too, you will not have tasted a breadstick like this before! 

Available to order at the restaurant and for delivery, you can pair the breadsticks with Olive Garden’s dipping sauces.

They are a wonderful appetizer for yourself, or to share with a table of family and friends. The breadsticks come as a serving of six or twelve.  They are incredibly moreish, so we recommend ordering the larger portion, especially if you intend to share them! 

Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Vegan?

Yes, Olive Garden breadsticks are vegan! This is wonderful news for anyone that enjoyed the breadsticks at Olive Garden before.

The breadsticks are listed as dairy-free on Olive Garden’s website, with the garlic topping being made with margarine rather than butter!  This means you can enjoy a tasty appetizer at Olive Garden without worrying about any dairy in your food! 

Plus, the marinara dipping sauce and the tomato sauce are also vegan! So you can dip your delicious breadstick in some sauce and enjoy your food, just like everyone else! 

If you do have a dairy allergy, make the server aware when ordering. This ensures that your food will be handled separately from any other appetizers or meals being prepared, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. We recommend doing the same with the dipping sauces, just to be sure.

Are Olive Garden Breadsticks Vegan?

What Food Is Vegan At Olive Garden?

Now that we have established you can enjoy breadsticks at Olive Garden, let’s look at what else you can eat on their menu as a vegan! 


As a vegan, you can order Olive Garden’s signature salad. You will need to ask for it without the croutons and swap the dressing for balsamic vinegar and oil. You will also not be able to have any cheese if your server offers it to you. 


You can order Olive Garden’s minestrone soup! It is vegan and you don’t need to make any changes or substitutions. Again, if you have an allergy we recommend letting the server know. 


In the pasta section, you have two options! You can order Olive Garden’s spaghetti with marinara sauce. Why not pair this with their breadsticks and salad?

You can also choose to create your own pasta! Here you can choose from eight types of vegan pasta, which can be topped with tomato or marinara sauce. You can also add garden veggies on top! Below is a list of the pasta choices you have: 

  • Zoodles 
  • Whole grain linguine 
  • Spaghetti 
  • Small shells
  • Rigatoni
  • Fettuccine 
  • Cavatappi
  • Angel’s hair 


The sides aren’t great for vegans, you can only order steamed broccoli. While that isn’t particularly exciting, it does provide your meal with some extra nutrients. 


There are currently no vegan-friendly dessert options at Olive Garden. It’s a shame, but hopefully, in time, this will change!


And there you have it, Olive Garden breadsticks are vegan! You can enjoy them as an appetizer or alongside your meal when you visit Olive Garden next.

There are a few options to choose from that allow you to enjoy a meal with your friends and family at Olive Garden.

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