Are Oreos Vegan?

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When people decide to go on a vegan diet, giving up on meat is the easiest part as we all know that there’s nothing worse than saying goodbye to your favorite sweet treats.

So, when you discover that your favorite treats are vegan and you can keep enjoying them guilt-free, that’s one of the best feelings ever.

But what’s the case with Oreos? Are they vegan?

In this article, we will look into whether or not Oreos are vegan, check their ingredients, and offer you some alternative cookie options that might or might not be Oreos (we won’t spoil you just now)!

Are Oreos Vegan?

To many people’s surprise, Oreos are vegan. Or at least, most of the Oreos varieties.

Before vegan desserts and cookies were easily obtainable from any grocery store’s shelves, anyone who’d just gone on a vegan diet snacked on Oreos whenever they craved something sweet.

These famous cookies have been vegan-friendly since 1998 when they changed from using lard as fat to growing their popularity in the Jewish communities and becoming Kosher-certified.

So, while veganism wasn’t talked much about or was a concern to big manufacturers, Oreos are now still the most famous cookies worldwide and are enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers.

However, there is a catch here which we will discuss below.

Why Do Oreos Packages Say The Cookies Are Vegetarian And Not Vegan?

Although most Oreos varieties are vegan, the cookies are not listed as vegan but rather as a vegetarian.

That is because Oreos, as stated on the official website “have milk as a cross-contact,” making them unsuitable for a vegan diet.

This suggests that, while most of the Oreos are indeed plant-based and vegan, the manufacturer lacks the right protocols to assertively affirm that the cookies are 100% vegan.

As a result, several vegan dieters refrain from eating Oreos as they might have minute quantities of milk owing to potential cross-contamination during their production.

Should I Eat Oreos As A Vegan?

Deciding whether or not you will eat Oreos is entirely up to you.

We should, however, note that there are many other products that, even though labeled as ‘vegan,’ have a note saying they may also contain traces of dairy.

Therefore, and because of the manufacturing process in big factories, there is no certain way to tell whether or not there are absolutely no traces of non-vegan ingredients on packaged food unless the product’s package mentions something regarding that.

Certainly, there are many restaurants and products by smaller manufacturers that are 100% vegan – especially those that belong to vegan-only companies – but bigger manufacturers rarely can guarantee something like that.

Which Oreos Are Not Vegan?

As we said, there’s no guarantee that Oreos are 100% vegan as they might contain traces of milk due to cross-contamination in the factories.

However, some Oreos varieties are definitely not vegan as they contain milk.

Those are Oreos like the Oreo Cadbury Chocolate Coated Biscuits or the Peanut Butter Oreos.

Therefore, even if classic Oreos are vegan, it’s best to always double-check the ingredients list to make sure that you can enjoy your treat without feeling guilty afterward.

Alternative Cookies Options Similar To Oreos

If you felt a bit disappointed by the news, we are here to cheer you up and tell you several vegan companies have developed their vegan Oreo cookies, allowing you to snack guilt-free.

GATO Cookie ‘N Cream Chocolate Vanilla

The GATO Cookie ‘N Cream Chocolate Vanilla is one great and delicious alternative to the classic Oreos.

They are 100% vegan and have 30% less sugar than other cookies like that.

Vegan Bakery’s Cookies ‘N Cream

The Bakery’s Cookies ‘N Cream is another alternative that is both vegan and gluten-free. They taste just like Oreos, are extremely crunchy, and are 100% vegan!

How To Make Your Own Vegan Oreos?

Luckily, making your vegan Oreos at home is very easy to do and you will need no more than 7 ingredients!

With organic flour and sugar, cocoa powder, vegan butter, some vanilla, and salt, you can make your own cookies which can then sandwich a rich buttery and sugary filling!

Just follow this recipe for the best homemade Oreos!


Classic Oreos, as well as many other varieties, are made with vegan ingredients and can be considered vegan.

However, the possibility of cross-contamination during their manufacturing process makes their vegan labeling a bit questionable.

It is up to you to decide whether or not you will enjoy them, but if you choose to avoid them you can always go for a vegan Oreo-style cookie alternative or make your own at home!

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