Granite Stone Blue Reviews

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Granite Stone Blue is a brand that is owned by the Emson Corporation. This is the seller of all ‘As seen on TV’ products.

This collection is a 20-piece pan and pot set that also includes a steam-vented lid, alongside a scratch-proof interior. The collection is a great starter kit for someone who is on a budget and wants some non-stick equipment in their kitchen.

This is due to the 3 layers of coatings that this set uses. They are also known for being versatile pot and pan sets that can be used in various cooking methods like frying, searing, and even cooking in the oven.

In this article, we will review the Granite Stone Blue pot and pan collection, that you can purchase right now. 


The full Granite Stone Blue collection is available on Amazon, where you purchase the full 20-piece cookware collection. The following is in the collection:

  • 8-inch frying pan,
  • 10.5-inch frying pan with lid,
  • 9.5-inch square pan with lid,
  • 1.5-quart saucepan with lid,
  • 2.5-quart saucepan with lid,
  • 5-quart pot with lid,
  • 9.5-inch deep pan with lid,
  • Steamer,
  • Fryer basket,
  • Muffin tray,
  • Square cake pan,
  • Cookie sheet,
  • Round cake pan,
  • Loaf pan.

All the lids that are included are said to be steam proof, due to the lids being made from tempered glass. This glass then prevents any water from boiling over.

Alongside this, all the pans and pots are considered scratch-proof due to a triple layer of different coatings. 

Materials Used In Construction

Granite Stone Blue is known as a non-stick set. This cookware set uses an aluminum base and aluminum construction.

This makes the pots and pans incredibly lightweight and improves the cooking speeds. However, the aluminum that has been used is quite thin, which then causes its own set of problems. 

Some customers have mentioned that the aluminum pans have dented easily or begun to warp over time. As a result, these aluminum pans are great when you want to cook your food as quickly as possible.

Yet, low-quality aluminum isn’t desirable when you want a pan that is durable and going to last. On the other hand, this lower quality material then makes up for the price. This cookware set is seen as an affordable cookware set. 

To try to prevent the pans from warping, then we would suggest that you let the pan or pot completely cool down before you try to clean it.

This is because if you try to clean a pan that is still quite hot, then you are more likely to warm your pan. However, aluminum is known to cool down quite quickly, so you won’t be waiting long for it to cool down. 

Non-Stick Coating

As mentioned above, the Granite Stone Blue cookware set is seen as a non-stick set. Each item in the set, they all have 3 layers of different coatings to make sure that no food sticks to these utensils. 

The three non-stick layers on each pot and pan are then reinforced with diamonds. This is to help to improve the durability of the pans and also provides more non-stick abilities as well.

The diamonds are also known to help with heat conductivity as well, which is why these pots and pans heat up and come to temperature easily.

When it comes to non-stick cookware, often chemicals are used to help create non-stick elements, which can cause health issues.

Through our research, we have discovered that this set does not include Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA).

However, it does contain Teflon (PTFE). Which can pose an issue for someone who would rather have PTFE-free cookware.

Is Granite Stone Blue Scratch Proof?

In addition to that, due to all of these layers, these pants are considered scratch-proof, even if you use metal utensils on them.

You may be curious whether these pans are scratch-proof, as a lot of other brands claim this because after some use with metal utensils they damage the protective coatings. 

A number of customers have actually mentioned that when they used metal utensils on these pots and pans, they did become damaged.

Even a couple of customers mentioned that they used plastic or wooden utensils and the pans still became scratched.

As a result, the Granite Stone Blue cookware set is definitely non-stick and no food will stick to these pots and pans.

When it comes to scratch-proof, this claim isn’t true. Hence, we would warn you not to use metal utensils, just so that you get much more use out of the set before you may need to consider replacing anything due to scratching and damage. 


We have spoken about the actual pots and pans, but we can’t forget the handles. The handles on this collection are said to be a stay-cool handle that features a Y-shaped handle.

This style of handle is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. In addition, these handles are made from stainless steel, thus they are strong and durable. While also, they have been riveted, which gives them extra strength. 

With that being said, the handles have been one of the biggest cons of this set. Customers have complained that these handles feel uncomfortable to hold.

With some even say that the grip actually dug into their hands. Alongside that, due to the handles being made from metal, they get hot really quickly. Therefore, you must wear protective gear when touching the handles when in use. 


A few pieces of this cookware set have a glass lid that accompanies them. These include the pots and pans, and even the frying pan comes with a lid. This is ideal when you are making one-pot meals and saving up on the washing up.

Granite Stone says that their kids are also safe to be used in the oven as well as in their pots. This is a huge claim, considering a lot of lids cannot withstand the high temperatures that an oven can go to.

Although, this is one claim that is actually correct. Customers have said that this claim is tried, and they have had no issues with putting the kids in the oven. 

However, it isn’t all good news. The ladies may be able to withstand the heat in the oven. Yet, quite a few customers have made a note that the lids don’t quite fit the pans or pots exactly right.

Some customers also had issues with the kids shattering. Therefore, be cautious when handling the lids to this set.


When it comes to using this set, you can actually use this set anywhere in your kitchen. This set is compatible with all types of stove tops, whether that be gas or electric. However, it isn’t suited for induction stovetops.

You can even use all of this cookware set in the oven as well. The Granite Stone Blue set is suitable in the oven for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The majority of customers have said that this set can handle the heat of the oven really well. 

However, as we have spoken about due to these pans being made from thin aluminum, they are known to warp when cooked at extremely high temperatures. This is something to be aware of when cooking at extremely high temperatures. 

Is The Granite Stone Blue Cookware Set Dishwasher Safe?

The entire Granite Blue Stone cookware set is said to be completely dishwasher safe. This would make cleaning this set much easier for some people, but when it comes to this feature, the reviews from customers are mixed.

For some customers, this set was dishwasher safe, and pots and pans were incredibly easy to clean. There were even reports saying that you could easily wipe these pans clean with a paper towel after using them. 

Although, a few customers have said that after being put into the dishwasher, some pieces began to flack and stick when they were next used.

Also, the manufacturers claim that these pots and pans are safe to be put into the dishwasher, and yet the manual that comes with the set, says that you shouldn’t put the set in the dishwasher. 

Due to these mixed reports, it can be confusing what to do. We would suggest avoiding the dishwasher and only handwashing this set to make it last longer. However, the occasional dishwasher use is ok. 

Is It Value For Money?

You may recognize the Granite Stone cookware collection from TV infomercials. You can get the whole collection for a fraction of what you would spend when purchasing a high-end pan.

However, that is the difference, you aren’t paying for a high-quality product that will last you for a long time. 

If you are on a budget or need something to start out with, then this set is ideal for you.  


The Granite Stone Blue collection is a great budget-friendly option for non-stick pans. It is important to take care of these pans to preserve the pans and their non-stick coating for as long as possible. 

We hope this article has given more insight into this set, and whether you should purchase this cookware for yourself.

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