How Long To Cook Tater Tots In An Air Fryer

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Air fryers can make cooking so much quicker and easier, and this is no different for Tater Tots. A bag of frozen Tater Tots can go a long way.

They’re great for all occasions, like quickly making a meal for the kids or just having them as a snack. In this article, we’ll help you make the best Tater Tots you can, just with the help of your trusty air fryer.

What Are Tater Tots?

Tater Tots themselves are a trademarked name from Ore-Ida, who invented them. You may have seen them under various different names, sold by alternative brands. 

Tater Tots themselves are golden, crispy potato bites. They’re made by grating the skin of the potatoes into tiny pieces, and then you mix them with flour, salt, and other seasonings.

By mixing these ingredients together in a machine, you get these deep-fried mini barrel-shaped delights which are then flash-frozen for you to heat up in the comfort of your own home.

How Do You Make Tater Tots With An Air Fryer?

Tater Tots can be made with either an oven-style air fryer or a basket one. It doesn’t matter which one you have, so long as you have the main ingredients. What ingredients do you need? The answer is simple. Your bag of frozen Tater Tots, some cooking spray, and a pair of tongs.

It doesn’t matter what brand of Tater Tots you use, regardless of brand. So long as they’re a bag of Tater Tots, you won’t have any issues making these.

Using an air fryer can save you more cooking time than if you were to put them in an oven. Get out your selected air fryer and stick around, as we’ll help you make your perfect Tater Tots with the help of your air fryer. 

Basket Air Fryer

Before you put your Tater Tots in your air fryer, you should preheat it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a minute. Then, grab your Tater Tots and pour them into your basket.

Then, leave them there to cook for about seven minutes. After this, shake the basket to move your Tater Tots around and keep cooking them for another five minutes.

If they’re still not crisp enough to your liking, leave them there for another two minutes. Then, once they’ve reached your standard of crispiness, leave them to cool off for two minutes before you start distributing them to the plate.

Remember to use your tongs as you remove them from the basket, as they will all still be hot. 

Oven Style Air Fryer

Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a minute, just like you would with the basket air fryer. Spray the racks of your air fryer with some nonstick cooking spray, and place your frozen Tater Tots on a single layer.

Then, gently shake the rack to make sure they’re spread out. Spreading them out is essential to ensure there’s enough air to flow through as the air needs to flow through.

By spreading them out, you won’t have to worry about flipping them with the tongs, and you can leave them there for thirteen minutes to fry.

Then, let them cool for another two minutes, and then you should be ready to serve them. Remember to use your tongs to remove them, or else there is some risk of getting burned. 

What Goes Well With Tater Tots?

While Tater Tots can be great for a quick snack, you may find that they go great with burgers and hot dogs as a delightful side.

Add some little bowls for your condiments, such as ketchup, mustard, or even barbecue sauce. Tater Tots can be dipped in anything.

If you want to have them alone, you could dress them up like they’re nachos. Add some sour cream, some cheese, some onions, and even avocado.

In some areas, they’re even preferred as a casserole with a mixture of ground beef, cream of chicken soup, and corn. You could even make a cheesy bake with them.

Regardless of the time of day, you can make an entire meal with only your air fryer to use. Experiment with other dishes, and add in some chicken or fish.

Air frying can make all of your favorite foods so much quicker than an oven would.

What Seasonings Could You Add To Tater Tots?

Now that we’ve discussed Tater Tots and what you can have them with, why not try some Tater Tots with some spices? Put them in a bowl and put whatever spice you want on them. As Tater Tots are essentially potatoes, you could consider what you like on your fries.

If you like a certain seasoning on your fries, try them out with Tater Tots. 

How Should You Store Leftover Tater Tots?

If you’ve gone overboard with your Tater Tots, then don’t worry. It’s easily done when they’re so quick and easy to make. Should you have any leftovers left, make sure you store them in an airtight container in your refrigerator.

Then, when you want to cook them again, you can just put them in your air fryer and leave them for a few minutes. 


Tater Tots are a versatile meal that is popular with the whole family. While they started off as a registered trademark, many companies have zoned into their popularity and have their own take on the brand.

Compared to putting them in an oven, air frying Tater Tots should only take you around fifteen minutes, regardless of the type of fryer you use. 

Once you’ve made your Tater Tots, you can use whatever spices you want. They can go with any meal, either as a side or a main.

If you just want a quick dish to eat, get your air fryers ready and enjoy the taste of Tater Tots. 

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