Open Faced Avocado And Egg Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

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Breakfast sandwiches are often regarded as sloppy and unhealthy affairs that aren’t exactly the best way to start your day. We have made a sandwich that is both healthy and satisfying, meaning you can kick start your day with a protein-heavy superfood sandwich.

This recipe takes a mere 5-10 minutes and doesn’t cost you the $8 that avocado on toast goes for on the high street these days. For a quick, healthy, and meatless, breakfast recipe, read on!

Open Faced Avocado And Egg Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Recipe by Brandon White


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  • A slice of bread, we suggest rye bloomer bread so you can cut it how thick you want.

  • Half an avocado per slice of bread, make sure it’s ripe enough to be mashed.

  • A single egg – just make sure it’s free range!


  • Cut a thick slice of rye bloomer bread
  • Toast your bread (You can choose to butter it here or not)
  • While your bread is toasting, cut your avocado in half, remove the pitted stone, remove the skin, and mash with the back of a fork. Mash directly into the bread for an even quicker prep time.
  • Fry an egg! Add a lid to your pan to trap the heat and enable the whites on top to cook while maintaining a runny yolk.
  • Season your avocado, and your egg, separately – layers of seasoning will provide more flavor.
  • Assemble! Simply layer the egg on top of the mashed avocado, cut it in half, and watch the yolk ooze out.

The Method

The Bread

Any good breakfast starts with some bread, it fills your stomach and is the warm hearty hug you need on a cold work morning. There are a few varieties of carbs you can opt for with this sandwich, but we suggest going for an open-faced sandwich to limit your carb intake in line with balancing the protein of the meal.

When your bread is toasted, it’s up to you if you butter it or not. As butter and avocado are both forms of fats some find it odd to put fat on top of fat, or at least a pointlessly unhealthy move, but not buttering your toast is some sort of international crime, right?

Sourdough seems like the most obvious option if trendy restaurants are anything to go by and if you want that Instagram photo then some homemade sourdough would secure those likes.

However, we think even the most humble wholemeal loaf would work here, we would suggest something wholemeal and brown, for health and taste. But our specific suggestion would be a rye bloomer.

A single slice means no bread is wasted, and the rye adds health benefits for your gut, heart, and immune system which is an added morning boost. Specifically, we find that rye bread provides the necessary rustic wheatiness to balance the creamy avocado and rich egg.

The Avocado

Avocado is a great fruit that has so many health benefits and is a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium.

Avocados are a source of healthy fats too, which we all need for a balanced diet, but this is a great place to get them. The fatty nature of avocados will make you feel full even though they aren’t that calorific. The avocado is one of the exemptions to the rule ‘if it’s healthy it doesn’t taste good.

You want to make sure that your avocado is fairly ripe and soft. The softer your avocado, the riper it is, and the easier it will be to mash. A riper avocado also means a creamier outcome.

As avocados are so fatty, this means they can take a lot of spice and salt. So, take this opportunity to spice up your morning. Paprika is a great friend of the avocado, and if you can get your hands on its smokier brother Pimentón then all the better.

Or if you just want to go for the classic chile powder then that’s great too. Or no spice at all. If you want a little more Asian influence, Chinese five spice or Szechuan pepper is a great idea that compliments the perfumed notes of an avocado.

The Egg

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you cook your egg, whether you can’t stand the idea of the potentially uncooked whites of a fried egg, or you simply swear by poached eggs, we won’t judge you.

The poached egg is a great option that provides a much more liquid yolk which can be great for this sandwich. However, while this is a trendy option, we reckon that your morning breakfast might be more rushed.

With this in mind we suggest that you go for a fried egg, they’re quick, and with the right technique, you can get a runny yolk every time. The cooked whites of the egg provide a much meatier texture to get your teeth into, as opposed to a poached egg.

A fried egg can also be the perfect size for your bread. If you insist on scrambled eggs then go for it, but we find the richness of the yolk in tandem with the creamy avocado is the true key to this sandwich.

If you want to pimp out your egg, then we have a few tips. While frying, add some feta while it’s still uncooked. By the time the egg is cooked, you have a feta-baked egg, which is great.

Otherwise, a great way to add flavor to the egg is to add some hot sauce, go as spicy as you want in the morning. We’d always recommend salt and pepper, crushed chilies also go well. Adding some parsley on top for a herbal element is a great way to finish the sandwich.


We honestly swear by this sandwich, it’s a nutritious breakfast that is full of protein for your day as well as the necessary vitamins and getting your day started with one of your 5 a day. Add a piece of fruit alongside this sandwich and you’ll be well on your way for the day.

This sandwich is also meat free which we think is great, it’s another meal in your day that you can happily forget the meat for. Try this sandwich, and let us know what you think. Share this recipe with your friends and family if you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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