Vegan Curry

Vegan Curry

When cooked right, a vegan curry dish can be a hearty, wholesome, and filling meal.

Curry dishes are known around the world for their intense flavor, which is owed to their curry sauce.

However, people who have just turned to a vegan diet might not be aware of the complications of curry dishes, and whether or not curry sauce, for example, is vegan.

In this article, we will answer whether or not curry sauce is vegan and then share some of the best curry recipes you can make at home!

What Is Curry?

Before we move on to how to make a perfect curry, we need to see what a curry dish is.

While the Western world uses the word ‘curry’ to refer to the Indian dish made with curry sauce, the word itself actually refers simply to the sauce or gravy used for such meals.

The curry sauce can be served with plain rice or other grains, but it is usually meant to enrich the taste of meat, tofu, or veggies that accompany a meal’s grains.

There are many different recipes for a curry sauce and how much spice you will add to yours will define whether your curry is mild or spicy.

What Is Curry Powder?

Curry powder can be referred to as a spice mix.

In other words, we could say that all curry sauces are made from dry mixes of spices, which are nowadays sold in grocery stores to make it easier for people to make their own curry sauce.

Typically, these packaged mixes contain spices like turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground ginger, and black pepper.

Is Curry Sauce Vegan?

Many curry sauces are vegan because they do not contain any animal products as their ingredients, and they typically use a liquid like water or coconut milk.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of store-bought curry sauces that have some meat, cream, meat stock, or animal fat in their ingredients list, making them unsuitable for a vegan diet.

Therefore, if you want to buy a curry sauce jar from your local grocery store, make sure it is labeled vegan and that it has no non-vegan ingredients in it.

Alternatively, you can make your own curry sauce!

How To Make A Homemade Curry Sauce?

Making your curry sauce is very easy as you will only need a liquid –either water or coconut milk, or both– some olive oil, bay leaves, and spices.

As we have already mentioned, there are many curry spice blends sold in supermarkets, so if you are looking for an easy solution, you can simply go with that.

In this recipe, coconut milk is mixed with vegetable broth, ginger, tomato puree, and spices for a korma curry sauce you can add to your vegan dishes.

Want some recipe ideas? We have some right below!

Vegan Curry Ideas (With Recipes)

1. Red Lentil Curry

Nothing beats a curry simmering on the stove spreading its aromas all over your kitchen!

This delicious vegan curry dish recipe uses red lentils as its main ingredient, cooked in ginger-and-spices coconut oil, with crushed tomatoes.

In this recipe, the coconut milk is added at the end, once the lentils are cooked, offering an extremely smooth and fresh texture.

With some lemon juice and fresh cilantro leaves on top, you can enjoy this dish with some vegan bread or pita, or with a big bowl of rice.

2. Butter Tofu Curry

Drawing inspiration from the famous butter chicken dish, this vegan curry alternative offers all the goodness of a wholesome curry dish by skipping the meat but not compromising on the taste.

Made with vegan butter and tofu instead of chicken, this recipe calls for a curry sauce made with either coconut or oat cream, providing two tasty options.

This is great, as you essentially get two different dishes using the same recipe.

So, you can try making this dish with coconut cream first, and next time go for the oat cream.

If you like one best, go with that, even though we think you’ll have a really hard time choosing one!

3. Tofu Thai Red Curry

Tofu and tempeh are two of the best alternatives to meat for a protein-rich vegan diet. Therefore, tofu is once again used here, this time in a Thai curry dish.

Marinated tofu in a coconut-rich marinade is then fried until golden and crispy and is then cooked for another 5 minutes in a homemade red curry sauce.

Keep in mind that this recipe used a store-bought curry paste, so make sure that you will buy a vegan one if you are planning on trying out this recipe.

4. Vegan Katsu Curry With Tempeh

‘Katsu’ is a word that instantly brings ‘curry’ to mind.

That is because the katsu curry chicken has become a universally known dish that everyone, even people who are now vegans, has tried in the past.

A national Japanese dish, the katsu curry meets its vegan sibling in a recipe that replaces the meaty cutlet with tempeh.

The tempeh is first marinated before being coated with breadcrumbs to be then baked before you serve it with some homemade vegan curry sauce and rice on the side.

Easy to make, delicious, and, of course, 100% vegan!

5. Coconut Chickpea Curry

If you decide to go with a curry powder or spice mix, then this chickpea curry recipe is a great way to try and make a vegan curry without having to add 10 different spices to your sauce, one by one.

This recipe has an optional choice of adding some coconut flour to your sauce if you wish to make your sauce thicker.

It also uses pre-cooked canned chickpeas, so if you want to use whole chickpeas, you will have to plan ahead and rinse them overnight or for at least 8-12 hours.

6. Broccoli And Cauliflower Curry

Another recipe for when you are short on time is this vegan yellow curry that is cooked with broccoli and cauliflower and served with rice or quinoa.

Canned chickpeas are also used in this recipe, but you can replace them with some beans or green beans to make this meal lighter calorie-wise.

While the recipe calls for a yellow curry powder, replacing it with any other vegan curry powder will only change the color and slightly the taste.

Either way, it will taste like heaven!

7. Three Bean Curry

black beans, kidney beans, and white beans are mixed in a vegan curry that’s packed with flavor and all the aromas a curry sauce needs.

The recipe is quite easy to make and if you use canned beans, you are saving lots of waiting time for the beans to be cooked, as that would take you approximately 1.5 hours.

Again, cilantro and lemon juice can be added to the plate before serving for some extra taste and balance to the flavor profile of this curry.

Rice or bread are the perfect accompaniments, and so is a glass of vegan wine!

8. Pea And Potato Curry

Known as vegan Aloo Matar, this pea and potato curry is a wholesome and nutrient-rich meal that becomes one of the most filling ones of vegan curries thanks to the potatoes.

This dish is unique, not only because of its taste but also because it contains no oil at all.

Yes, it is an oil-free dish that is extremely delicious and low in calories in comparison to other curries.

Another thing that distinguishes it is the slightly sweet flavor that’s owed to the pinch of coconut sugar or splash of maple syrup added to it.

Finally, served with some vegan yogurt or vegan sour cream for freshness, it is a curry meal you must absolutely try if you want something a bit different!

9. Sweet Potato Curry

Speaking of that sweetness in a curry, why not make a sweet potato curry for some extra sweet taste?

Sweet potato curry with chickpeas is a perfectly balanced meal containing protein, carbs, and fats in adequate amounts.

In this recipe, baby spinach is added for some extra fiber, protein, and taste and we’d suggest you follow it step-by-step for the best results.

10. Eggplant Curry

Basil and oregano bring a herby curry dish using eggplants and a homemade curry sauce for bold and strong flavors.

As with all the curry recipes in this list, you will need several spices and a vegan curry powder, some tomato puree or sauce, coconut cream, and coconut oil to sauté the garlic, onion, and pepper at first.

The eggplants can then be sauteed with the rest of the veggies before you cook them and serve them in your rich, homemade curry sauce.

The Bottom Line

A vegan curry dish is so easy and delicious to make that you have no excuses for refraining from trying to make one this week.

While not all curry sauces sold in supermarkets are vegan, you can easily find those that are or make your own at home and try one of the curry dish recipes above.

Bon (vegan) appetit!

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