Vegan Lunch Ideas

Vegan Lunch Ideas

People on a vegan diet know better than anyone how creative cooking can be and how versatile all classic dishes really are.

In this article, we have some amazing vegan lunch ideas, some of which are a twist of classic recipes while others are simply delicious vegan recipes that are the result of creativity and knowledge of good food. So, keep reading below to see what we have in store for you!

1. Vegan Gyros With Mushrooms

If you have ever tried Greek gyros before going vegan, then you know how perfect the combination of all its ingredients is.

However, not eating meat and tzatziki anymore does not mean you have to say goodbye to gyros once and for all. Replacing the meat with some glazed, fried, or grilled mushrooms and the tzatziki with vegan tzatziki made with tofu instead of yogurt is the perfect solution to enjoying this delicious meal.

The juiciness of the mushrooms wrapped in the warmth of a pitta spread with some freshly made tzatziki is the greatest delicacy you can have for lunch and treat your friends with too! Vegan ‘Tuna’ Sushi Bowl

Not everyone has the time, the knowledge, or the equipment to make sushi, but sometimes a sushi bowl can look even fancier and taste even better.

Sushi is known as a great vegan option when you avoid having it with any seafood in it, so options like cucumber and avocado are great.

Well, a vegan ‘tuna’ sushi bowl might not hence have real tuna, but it has Roma tomatoes marinated in soy, ginger, sesame oil, sriracha, and lime juice, which make them taste salty, spicy, and delicious.

With some plant-based ingredients like avocado, cucumber, and carrot added on top of the rice, this bowl looks like a rainbow you’ll want to devour right away!

2. Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad

Adding colorful plates to your table can take your meals to a whole other level, and this salad looks like the fanciest one you could ever make.

Roasted butternut squash gives its sweet, juicy taste to a salad, and when you add some maple syrup before roasting it, it gets even better.

The quinoa and pumpkin seeds offer their rich nutritional value with quinoa being primarily a source of carbs and protein and the pumpkin seeds adding the good fats (and more protein too).

For some extra color and sour-sweet taste, dried cranberries are sprinkled on top of the salad along with some thyme before you finish off the meal with some maple Dijon vinaigrette. Nutritious, filling, wholesome, and colorful, all in one salad bowl!

3. Chickpea Tikka Masala

Chickpeas are hailed among the vegan community as one of the best main ingredients for a meal thanks to their high amount of protein, which is something many vegans find challenging to consume.

They are also extremely delicious in all their forms, whether they are made into hummus, turned into falafels, or eaten whole.

A chickpea tikka masala goes for the whole version of chickpeas and cooks them in an Indian-style recipe with garam masala and other spices.

The sauce is made with coconut milk and the dish can be served with fresh bread or pittas that you can use to clean the sauce from the plate. Trust us, you will want to do that!

4. Wild Rice Soup

For those cold, winter days or the ones you feel sick, soup is the comfort food you need. Luckily, there are plenty of vegan soups, but a wild rice soup is one of the best.

Cooked in a vegetable broth with bay leaves, the wild rice in this recipe will taste way more different than any other time you’ve cooked it.

This creamy soup is made with coconut milk, carrots, celery, and mushrooms, but you can always add more to the list. Some bell peppers would go great, for example.

And don’t think that you won’t feel full just because it’s a soup; one serving comes with 509 calories and a balanced split of them across the 3 macronutrients!

5. BBQ Jackfruit Pulled ‘Pork’

Everyone has their ‘cheat’ day when they want to eat some fast-food meals and enjoy their time with friends rather than think about calories.

While you can find many vegan fast-food options in most restaurants nowadays, nothing can beat a homemade BBQ pulled ‘pork’ burger.

Made with jackfruit cooked in a barbeque sauce and sandwiched (or should we say burgered?) between two soft buns with some ranch dressing and vegan coleslaw, these burgers will make even meat lovers go vegan.

While you can use standard burger buns for this recipe, upgrading to some sesame buns or, even better, brioche buns, will make this already amazing burger meal even greater!

6. Buffalo Chickpea Pizza

Since we added a burger recipe to this list, we could not but add a pizza recipe too. Again, whole chickpeas become the star of this lunch idea alongside a garlic sauce and celery ranch dressing.

Served warm but enjoyed even cold when you’re back from work for dinner, this buffalo chickpea pizza carries all the greatness of a classic buffalo chicken pizza without any animal suffering.

The white sauce for the base is made with almond milk and cashews and if we know something about nuts and chickpeas that’s that they are a match made in heaven!

7. Thai Broccoli Salad

Now that you have some healthy ‘cheat meals’ added to your recipes list, let’s go back to the salads with a Thai broccoli salad covered in peanut dressing.

This is a versatile salad as the broccoli in it can be chopped or made into rice. Then, all you have to do is add the grated carrots, chopped peanuts, cilantro, and mint and make the peanut dressing.

You can eat this salad at room temperature or refrigerate it in the morning and enjoy it at lunch. Either way, it will taste unbelievably good.

8. Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo

Creamy and dreamy, this alfredo meal is so easy to make that you won’t believe it once you serve it on a plate. It looks like a restaurant dish and tastes like mum’s food.

While you can use regular pasta, you can substitute chickpea pasta for them and get that extra taste (and protein) in.

To make the alfredo pasta, you will, of course, replace cow’s milk with almond milk and blend it with some tomato paste and parmesan before adding it to the cooked pasta and mixing it all together.

The sun-dried tomatoes can be sautéed with some flour, herbs, and spices and then added to the pasta. 20 minutes spent cooking and you’ve got an Italian-style alfredo dish ready!

9. Vegan Pasta Salad

What meat eaters don’t realize is that vegan salads are not just leafy greens and some olive oil on top. In fact, so many of the salads enjoyed by people following all types of diets are or can be made vegan with a few twists.

One of those salads is a pasta salad. In this recipe, Italian pasta in mustard and vinegar is mixed with sauteed zucchini, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, capers, and olives.

While vegetarians can add some feta cheese to make this more of a Greek-style salad, vegans can keep the recipe as it is or serve it with some vegan cheese flakes.

10. Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Chickpeas are one of the legumes hailed by vegans, but if there is another strong contender that would be beans. In this recipe idea, black beans steal the show and are cooked in a chili that is made with all the classic ingredients but also with diced sweet potatoes.

The sweetness of the sweet potatoes creates the perfect balance in every bite and makes the spicy taste of the dish more tolerable and refreshing.

While you can serve it with some bread and eat it as it is, adding some sour cream and diced avocado on top will offer some extra freshness.

11. Herby Chickpeas Salad Sandwich

You don’t need to travel downtown to the trendiest vegan deli and sandwich shop to take a picture and a bite of the most Instagrammable vegan sandwich. With this recipe, you can make one at home for lunch!

This vegan sandwich can be made with a bagel or some whole-wheat bread, while in between the bread you can add a homemade chickpea salad made with no more than 5 ingredients!

Add a good portion of the salad on one of the bread slices, you can then top it with veggie slices: radishes, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and anything else you want can be included in this fresh and fancy sandwich.

The best part? You can make more than one sandwich and enjoy a second one for dinner or refrigerate them for the next day’s lunches.


These vegan lunch ideas are so unique and delicious that you have no option but to try them all. So, add them to your month’s meal plans and test your vegan chef skills in the kitchen!

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