Why Your Green Pan From Sticking and How to Prevent it

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Is your Green Pan sticking? Are you unsure how to resolve the issue? There’s nothing worse than spending money on an expensive non-stick pan, to find that after a short amount of time, the non-stick technology has stopped working. 

In fact, GreenPan is a company that is dedicated to creating non-toxic and non-stick ceramic pots and pans that are better for health, so their pans are designed to be non-stick for a very long time. 

That means if your GreenPan is sticking, it could be the result of the pans not being cleaned properly. The good news is that fixing a GreenPan that is sticking is very simple! 

In this article, we discuss why your GreenPan is sticking and how to solve the issue. 

What Is GreenPan? 

GreenPan is a company that was founded in 2007. GreenPan realized that a lot of the pans and pots on the market were not good for human health, so they figured out a solution — GreenPan.

Their innovative pots and pans are designed to be non-toxic, which makes cooking healthier and safer. 

Another important aspect of GreenPan is that its pans are non-stick.

One reason why people invest in GreenPan pots and pans is due to the technology that GreenPan uses.

Their pots and pans are celebrated all across the world for their non-stick abilities (GreenPan uses Thermolon, which is their non-stick technology). 

If your GreenPan is sticking, then it’s obviously going to be very stressful and annoying, especially if the reason you bought a GreenPan is for its non-stick technology. 

In this article, we discuss every possibility of why your GreenPan is sticking, and in most cases, it’s pretty easy to resolve the issue! 

Reasons Why Your GreenPan Is Sticking 

1. Thermal Shock 

This is a very common reason that GreenPans and any non-stick pans start sticking, and many people do not realize this until they research the internet. 

When you think about it, it’s actually very obvious, but it’s surprising how many people forget about thermal shock.

When most people finish cooking a meal, their immediate response is to place the pan in water. This is not a good idea for GreenPans! That’s because placing a non-stick pan in hot water can warp the pan, and ruin the non-stick coating over time.

This is also true with ordinary pans — while it won’t affect the coating, the pan will become warped over time. 

The solution is pretty simple — just allow your pans to cool down before placing them in the water! 

2. You Use Spray Oils Instead Of Oil Or Butter 

While some people prefer cooking with spray oil, it’s very damaging to GreenPans and any non-stick pan. That’s because the ingredients in spray oil damage the coating of non-stick pans. 

If you use spray oils, then this is very likely the reason your Greenpan is no longer non-stick. The solution is very simple, all you need to do is switch from using spray oil to using oil, or butter.

The good news is that oil is much healthier than spray oil, and your non-stick pan will remain non-stick!

3. You Don’t Use The Right Sponge 

If you wash your pots and pans with steel wool, then it’s very likely this is the reason your GreenPan is no longer non-stick. 

GreenPans, and any non-stick pans, should never be washed with steel wool, or any sharp sponges. This removes the non-stick coating and will dramatically shorten the lifespan of the pan. 

Instead, Greenspan’s and all non-stick pans should be washed with a soft sponge. This will ensure that the coating is not ruined. 

If you have food stuck in the pan, then place the pan in hot water for 30 minutes, and it should be much easier to clean! 

4. You Use The Wrong Cooking Utensils 

If you cook with metal or sharp utensils, then that’s another reason why your GreenPan is no longer non-stick. You should never use metal utensils, or sharp utensils, on a GreenPan.

That’s because it’s much easier for the metal to scratch the surface of the pan, which will remove the non-stick coating. 

For GreenPan and all non-stick pans, you should only use wooden, silicone, or plastic utensils. This will make sure that your pan remains non-stick. 

5. You Don’t Season The Pan 

It’s critical that you season non-stick pots and pans. While this does not have to be every week, you should season the pan every four to six months.

How to Season Non-Stick Pan

Seasoning a non-stick pan increases the lifespan of the pan and prevents food from sticking to the pan. 

It’s very simple to season a non-stick pan.  

  • Wash and dry the pan. 
  • Apply oil to the pan. Vegetable oil works well to season pans.  
  • Heat the oil for 1-2 minutes. 
  • Remove the pan from the heat and allow the pan to cool naturally. 
  • Remove the oil from the pan by using a paper towel! 

It really is not difficult to season a non-stick pan, and it can help prevent non-stick pans from sticking.

Once you season a non-stick pan, do not wash the pan after. The pan is ready to be used the next time you need to cook. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Do I Need To Season Non-Stick Pans? 

Seasoning a non-stick pan ensures that the pan stays non-stick. If you don’t season a pot, then it is very likely that the pan will have a short lifespan. 

What Is The Best Oil For Seasoning A Greenpan? 

GreenPan recommends peanut oil or avocado oil to season the pan. Butter and vegetable oil can also be used to season a GreenPan. 

Can You Use Metal Utensils While Cooking With A Greenpan?

No, only silicone, plastic, and wooden utensils should be used. 


If your GreenPan is sticking, and you’re not sure why you should now know the cause of the problem.

The solutions for fixing a GreenPan are very simple, and we recommend that you season your GreenPan no matter the issue, as it will help keep the pan non-stick.

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