Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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Breakfast shouldn’t have to be a dull affair. 

It’s the most important meal of the day, the one that sets you up for the morning all the way until lunch. It is vital for you to get all the nutrients and energy you need so you can make a great start to your day – but nobody wants to start their day eating bland old cereal or toast. 

So why not try a breakfast burrito? 

It’s a great way to kickstart your day with a fun and easy-to-eat meal that outshines all the other boring breakfast options. So here’s a unique recipe for a healthier breakfast burrito that will get you ready for the day ahead with little fuss and effort! 

What Is a Breakfast Burrito?

If you have never had a breakfast burrito before, then you are missing out! Breakfast burritos are a delicious way to eat your breakfast that is also a bit creative and out of the box. 

Breakfast burritos are also known as breakfast wraps, but it is basically all the ingredients you would have in a normal breakfast wrapped up in a flour tortilla burrito. The breakfast burrito originated in New Mexico as a fun morning spin on the classic Mexican dish, and some fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell soon began to sell their own versions as a breakfast food. 

But just because this dish was picked up by fast food companies does not mean that it is an unhealthy breakfast option. 

The first breakfast burrito was served in a New Mexican diner in Santa Fe and was made using eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese as the main ingredients. Over time, one version became known as the traditional breakfast burrito.

A traditional Southwest breakfast burrito contains lots of nutritional ingredients like peppers, onions, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and cheese. All this is wrapped up with some meat like chorizo or bacon, salsa or sour cream, and – voila! You have yourself a traditional Southwest breakfast burrito. 

Breakfast burritos have grown in popularity due to a number of reasons. One is that they are freezer friendly, so you can make enough at the beginning of the week and freeze them so you don’t have to cook them every single morning before you head out to work.

You can just grab one from the freezer, heat it up in a microwave, and then eat it on the go. This saves you time in the morning and means you can spend a few extra minutes snuggled up in bed. 

But of course, the wonderful thing about burritos is that you can completely customize the fillings and make your burrito your own. There is no difference with breakfast burritos – if you don’t like a certain filling, then take it out, or you can add a little extra to suit your tastes. 

How To Make A Breakfast Burrito Healthy

Basically, breakfast burritos are easy to make and awesome to eat. They are delicious and nutritious, already containing a bunch of delicious veggies for your morning meal.  But if you want to make your breakfast burrito, even more, healthier, then here are some ingredients that you might want to consider adding.

While most breakfast burritos contain meats like bacon or sausage, you may want to switch to a type of meat that isn’t red. Eating red meats regularly can increase your chances of heart disease and diabetes, so switching out the meat option for something else will definitely improve your health.

You can try switching to chicken, which is low in calories but maintains its high protein value – meaning that you get all the protein you need without the added calories to weigh you down. For a vegetarian option, you can skip the meat altogether or switch it to a vegetarian-friendly option like black beans. 

Breakfast potatoes are a big component of a breakfast burrito but they are also high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are necessarily a bad thing – they are your body’s main source of energy even in healthy and balanced diets.

It is important to get enough energy in your body in the morning so you can keep going all day without feeling tired and sick. However, if you are trying to shed some pounds, then you can leave out the potatoes and stick to the veggies and meat. 

Speaking of veggies, if you want a healthy breakfast burrito then you are going to want to pack as many vegetables into that burrito as you can. Popular healthy vegetable options include spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and onions just to name a few. Some people even add avocado to the mix! Get creative and add whatever vegetables you like the taste of to your breakfast burrito and see if it works for you. 

When it comes to portion and ingredient sizes, it all depends on how much you want of each ingredient. For a single burrito, we recommend you use one ounce of potatoes and meat and only one egg. You can add as many vegetables and seasoning as you like, but we recommend adding half a cup of each so as not to overpower one vegetable over the other.

For every additional burrito you want to make in a single batch, either to serve to your family or to precook ready for the week ahead, then add one extra ounce of potato and meat per tortilla and one extra egg as well. 

How To Cook Your Breakfast Burrito

To begin cooking your own breakfast burrito, you are going to need to make the filling first.


  • To start, you should prepare all your vegetables first. Dice all the vegetables you have decided to add to your burrito before cooking them lightly in a frying or shallow pan. If you have decided to add a leafy ingredient like spinach or cilantro, leave them out as they will be added later uncooked. 
  • Once your vegetables are soft, you can add the meat and eggs to the mix. If you are using vegetarian ingredients, then add beans instead of meat. As an extra, you can add any seasoning you wish like chili powder for an extra spicy morning burrito! Stir the mixture regularly until the eggs are scrambled and the meat is fully cooked. 
  • Take the mixture off the heat while you warm the tortillas (either in a microwave or under a grill). 
  • Once the tortillas are ready, you can add extra ingredients to the mix like cheese or spinach. Mix thoroughly and then serve the fillings out onto the tortillas. If you want, you can also add salsa or sour cream to the tortillas. 
  • Simply roll the tortillas up and you are done! 

Time To Get Cooking!

Now that you know what ingredients to use to make a super healthy breakfast burrito and how to rustle one up, why don’t you go ahead and try making one? Get creative with your ingredients and try to find the right mixture for your ideal breakfast so you can get the best start to your day. 

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