How To Clean Caraway Pans

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There comes a certain point in life when the smaller things, such as your pots and pans, make you happy. It sounds strange but purchasing a new and fancy set of pots and pans can actually make you excited about cooking. 

Caraway Cookware is a selection of kitchen essentials that promise to be of great quality without any chemicals involved. This brand of cookware is all about being an environmentally friendly alternative to non-stick pots and pans. 

When it comes to cookware, Caraway Cookware is definitely on the pricey side compared to cookware you can get from a local store. So, if you happen to be the proud owner of a Caraway Cookware set, it is important that you take good care of it. 

Keeping your nice set of pots and pans clean is vital to ensuring they last you a long time. However, it is essential that you are cleaning them correctly. If you don’t, it could actually cause damage to your pots and pans. 

Well, if you want to learn how to clean your Caraway pans properly, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the steps so you know how to clean your Caraway pans. 

What Are Caraway Pans Made Of?

Before we can start cleaning our Caraway pans, it is important to know what they are made of. Understanding what your Caraway pans are made from, will help you to understand what you should clean them with. 

For example, knowing that Caraway pans are non-stick means that when you are cleaning them, you wouldn’t use an abrasive scrubber.

If you use something abrasive with a non-stick pan it will do more harm than good. This is because it will scratch the pan and remove the non-stick qualities of the pan. 

Caraway Cookware’s pots and pans are made with aluminum and ceramic. These pans have an aluminum core and are then coated with this ceramic coating that is non-stick. The handles of Caraway Cookware’s pots and pans are made out of stainless steel. 

Caraway Cookware has made its pots and pans out of materials that would be able to go in the oven as long as it is not more than 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Now that we know that Caraway Cookware’s pots and pans have a ceramic non-stick coating, we can choose cleaning methods that are safe for ceramic pots and pans. We also have to keep in mind that the pans are non-stick. 

How To Clean Caraway Pans

There are a few ways you can clean Caraway pans, so we are going to walk you through these methods. 

Everyday Clean

This method is what you should do to clean your Caraway pans when you haven’t burnt any food in them. 

After using your Caraway Cookware pan, you need to make sure that it completely cools down. You do not want to add any cold water to the Caraway pan before it has cooled. Adding cold water to a hot pan can cause thermal shock to happen and the pan might crack. 

If you haven’t got a dishwasher then cleaning your Caraway pans is still easy. Use warm soapy water to clean the Caraway pan and use a sponge that is not abrasive. Gently rub the interior of the pan until it is clean. Since these pans are non-stick they should be easier to clean. 

For the outside of the pan, you can use a sponge that is stronger than the one used for the interior. This is to help remorse any stains on the outside of the pan. A stronger soap detergent can also be used on the outside of the pan. This is how you should regularly clean your pans, excluding times when you may have overcooked the food. 

Cleaning Stuck Food

There are a few methods to remove any stuck food from a Caraway Cookware pan. This method is the gentlest method for removing stuck food. 

All you have to do is put some warm soapy water into the pan with the stuck food. Then you need to simmer the soapy water gently for a few minutes. Make sure that the pan is only on low heat. 

After the soapy water has been simmering for a few minutes, you can use a gentle sponge to remove the stuck food from the pan. Take the pan off of low heat and remove the water. When the pan is dry, you should rinse and wash. If there is still stuck food in the pan, then repeat this process. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is used in many different types of cleaning hacks. This is simply due to baking soda being a great way to clean products.

However, we only recommend using baking soda if you have a stubborn stain. This is not something you should use frequently. 

In order to use baking soda, the first thing you need to do is let your Caraway pan sit in warm water for at least 30 minutes. Then remove it from the water. 

After 30 minutes is up, sprinkle the baking soda over the stained areas. The baking soda is going to act as a gentle scrub. Start to rub the baking soda over the affected area in a circular motion with a cloth.  To finish, you should wash your Caraway pan as you usually would. 


There are many different ways you can clean your Caraway Cookware pan. However, when you do go to clean your Caraway Cookware pans, it is important to remember to be gentle. Without being gentle you are at risk of causing damage to your Caraway pans. 

Since Caraway pans are non-stick, they are designed to be cleaned with ease. This means that you shouldn’t have to scrub these pans. 

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand how to clean your Caraway pans properly. Please share this guide with others who might find it helpful. Thank you for reading.

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