The 35 BEST Taco Recipes

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Tacos are a fantastic food! They’re extremely versatile, and can be used for just about anything! In fact, they’re so versatile, that it can be hard to know where to start – especially if you’re looking for something that’s not just different, but tastes great too!

There are so many choices – so which recipe do you follow?

Well, this handy guide is just the thing for you! We’ve compiled 35 of the very best taco recipes from sites all across the internet for you. Read on to find out about some amazing recipes!

Easy Beef Tacos

With this extremely simple and easy recipe, you’ll have 10 great-tasting tacos in just half an hour!

It’s an extremely simple recipe – and you can save time using this one too, as some of the ingredients on the list are pre-made, such as store-bought salsa.

If you want a simple, no-fuss recipe, then this is the recipe for you! It’s not the most exciting recipe, but it’s good and reliable.

Blackened Salmon Tacos

For those who love fish, and don’t feel like they get to eat it in tacos enough, these salmon tacos will be absolutely delicious! Simply cook in a skillet until golden colored and opaque, then flake.

You’ll love the salsa too – it’s made with diced pineapple, avocados, onion, tomatoes… all the fresh, good stuff!

Add a hint of lime juice and some cilantro to garnish, and you’ve got a beautiful salsa to accompany these delicious blackened salmon tacos.

Sriracha Shrimp Tacos

This is a great one for those who love their seafood to have a hint of spice to it! Rich and creamy, this recipe gives you 4 delicious shrimp-filled tacos.

The shrimp is marinated in a Sriracha, soy, and garlic sauce, and served with a delicious mixture of sour cream and Sriracha. It tastes great, and makes for a big change from a lot of other taco dishes!

Best of all, it only takes 20 minutes to make!

Pulled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Slaw

Pulled pork is absolutely delicious, and one of the best things about it is how well it combines with citrus flavors! This recipe will give you an absolutely fantastic tasting pineapple slay that, as the website states, you’ll want to use on everything.

They’re not wrong either – with a hint of lime, red and green onions, and red pepper flakes, this pineapple slaw is delicious, and will go well with so much!

Quick Pork and Bean Tacos

The name couldn’t be any clearer – quick pork and bean tacos! Using delicious pork tenderloin and your choice of either black beans or borlotti beans, this recipe makes some amazing tacos in just 40 minutes – enough to serve 4!

And even better – these tacos are both filling and healthy too. They come in at just 500 calories, so they’re a great way to get filled up quickly without worrying about overdoing it!

Fish Tacos

This is a fantastically authentic Baja-California-style snack that’s easy and quick to make! You’ll love the simple purple slaw – simply shred cabbage and add lime juice and salt, tossing every now and then for over 20 minutes.

You’ll also make your own avocado crema and quick pickled chilis – and even your own spice coating for the fish! All of that delicious homemade cooking – and yet, you’ll still be finished in 30 minutes, and have made enough tacos for 4 people!

Jamaican Jerk Steak Tacos

One of the best things about tacos is how versatile they are! You can seemingly put just about anything that tastes great in them. This fantastic recipe for Jamaican jerk steak tacos shows just that.

The recipe also includes its own recipe for jerk seasoning. Of course, if you’re already a big jerk chicken fan, you’ll likely already have your own recipe for a jerk!

Or, of course, you can use store-bought seasoning. Whatever you do, this recipe is great and simple – and makes a delicious taco!

Tacos Al Pastor

OK, time to be honest here – this isn’t a recipe for someone looking for a taco recipe that they can cook right now.

But if you’ve got some preparation time, then this recipe will show you how to make a delicious marinade packed full of flavors – chilis, pineapple juice, garlic, cinnamon… and that’s not even half of them!

You’ll use this to marinade your delicious pork shoulder, leaving it for at least 4 hours before cooking. Not great if you want a quick snack, but totally worth the prep time!

Tequila-Lime Chicken Tacos

Definitely one for the adults, this recipe will give you a delicious tequila-lime marinade for your chicken! It tastes great – the lime and tequila combine to make a zesty, tangy flavor with a little bit of an adult kick to it!

It doesn’t take very long to make this dish either – you can have the chicken marinated in just 20 minutes. However, for the best flavor, leave it to sit for an hour instead.

Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Carnitas

If you’ve got a bit of time to prepare, then this is an absolutely amazing recipe that you should really take a look at! You’ll be making pulled pork – which needs about 3 and a half hours in the oven to cook.

Yeah, that’s a long time, but it’s absolutely delicious and so worth it. And besides, you get to sit down and relax for most of that time, while still technically cooking! Just make sure not to forget about the pork!

Smoky Pork & Black Bean Tacos

If you’re looking for a fantastic taco recipe with a great smoky flavor, then try out this great recipe!

It’s a great classic recipe, combining delicious pork mince fried in ground cumin and smoked paprika, giving it a beautifully rich and deep flavor, and black beans – a classic staple for taco lovers!

This recipe will only take you around 15 minutes to make and will serve 4. Of course, they’re so delicious you might end up having to make some more!

Jackfruit Tacos

This is another great recipe for vegans – and a great way to try something different in your tacos! This recipe uses jackfruit, cooked in cumin, garlic, smoked paprika, and chili powder.

Add fried onions and peppers, and great-tasting homemade tomato salsa, and you’ve got a fantastic and unique taco!

You’ll have this one finished in just 35 minutes too. Serve with sliced avocado, coriander, wedges of lime, and some chili sauce. Absolutely delicious!

Easy Vegan Tacos

As the title says, this is a great and easy taco recipe for vegans to enjoy! It’s packed full of delicious vegetables – including corn, red pepper, tomato, and onions.

You’ll also be making a fantastic vegan-friendly salsa, with the great taste of kiwi fruit!

Simply follow the instructions in this quick and easy recipe. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and 30 to cook, so you’ll be eating it in no time!

Birria Tacos

Sorry, but this taco isn’t for vegans and vegetarians – but if you’re a fan of meat, you’ll love how this one combines two different types of beef!

You’ll have to be very, very patient though, as you’ll be making a delicious adobo marinade for the beef (or beef!), and then leaving it to chill for at least 4 hours – but ideally 24!

Of course, something this delicious is worth the preparation – and the wait!

Cheesy Chicken Tacos

Despite the name, there’s a little more to this great taco recipe than just cheese and chicken. There’s a great tasting seasoning for the chicken too – made with onions, green chilis, and cumin, for a rich and spicy flavor.

Delicious refried beans help to pack out the taco, and then – finally – there’s the cheese.

In this case, the recipe calls for shredded pepper jack – a great choice – but of course, there’s nothing stopping you from adding whatever cheese you prefer!

Chicken and Cabbage Tacos with Cilantro Cream

If you love cilantro, then you’ll love this recipe! You’ll be making a delicious cream made from cilantro, lime juice, and olive oil, all blended together with sour cream.

Jalapenos add spice to the great-tasting red cabbage and combine with red cabbage, scallions, and the lovely cream dressing you just made to add a fantastic flavor to the chicken.

The recipe calls for a rotisserie chicken, but you can of course use whatever boneless chicken you prefer!

Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken Tacos with Jalapeño Ranch Slaw

These are absolutely delicious! If you’ve got an Instant Pot and have been wondering how you can incorporate it into taco night, then this recipe is for you.

You’ll cook your chicken and flavorings in the Instant Pot – including the delicious cups of chopped pineapple.

Plenty of rich spices too – cumin, chili powder, sriracha, and yellow mustard. Or, and a minced jalapeno too! Shred in the Instant Pot after cooking, and then broil in the oven until brown!

Vegetarian Lentil Tacos

These tacos aren’t just delicious, they’re also full of healthy natural ingredients! They taste absolutely great and are completely vegetarian-friendly. What’s more – they can even be made vegan!

Miss out the grated cheese, Greek yogurt, and sour cream, and you’ve got a perfect taco for vegans too! They’re great to eat, full of mushrooms, beans, and onions, and the recipe makes 10 servings in just 40 minutes!

Serve with your choice of greenery, salsa, and vegetables!

Instant Pot Korean Beef Tacos

Another great recipe, this will make 8 amazing Korean-themed tacos in just one hour! Top sirloin cuts, cooked in either an Instant Pot or a slow cooker, with fresh ginger, cloves of garlic, and soy sauce – crammed into tacos filled with kimchi, peanuts, and covered in sriracha mayo – or yum yum sauce!

Yum yum indeed, as these tacos are absolutely delicious, and packed full of delicious flavor! You’ll love them, and definitely want to make them again!

Chipotle Vegan Tacos

Full of delicious tofu, and flavored with the great taste of chipotle, these tacos are a fantastic vegan treat! You’ll make a great-tasting sauce to marinade your tofu in, and then cook until browned.

Serve with salsa, wrapped in a cabbage leaf – delicious, and totally vegan friendly! What’s more, they’re extremely light – with only 166 calories per serving!

Of course, they’re so delicious, you might not just have one – and who could blame you!

Steak Tacos With Red Peppers and Onions

Definitely one for the omnivores out there, this recipe will make some fantastic steak tacos! Red peppers and onions combine with the steak to make a classic taste that you just can’t go wrong with.

Simply cook your flank steak in a skillet on high for 6-8 minutes – after rubbing it with some delicious chili powder! Serve with lime juice and cilantro, and you’ve got a fantastic taco! Perfect for any time!

Apple Pie Tacos

Apple pie is great – it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t absolutely love it! So what better way to fill a taco for dessert than with a delicious apple pie filling?

That’s exactly what this recipe gives you – and even shows you how to make your own apple pie filling! Top these fruity fancies off with delicious caramel sauce and frozen whipped topping. Absolutely delicious, and so satisfying!

Fish Tacos With Fresh Mango Avocado Salsa

Fishy and fruity – if those are your thing, then you should definitely try this recipe! Combining a fresh mango and avocado salsa with broiled, flaky fish makes for an absolutely great-tasting taco meal!

In only 30 minutes, you’ll have these tacos made, enough for 4 servings. Serve with lime wedges for that extra tang!

Epic Vegetarian Tacos

Giving a recipe the word “Epic” in the title might sound like a bold claim, but this recipe fully earns it! Great for anyone, but especially good for those seeking a vegetarian option, these tacos are simple to make but taste absolutely fantastic.

Quick-pickled onions, a creamy avocado dip, and refried beans – and greenery of your choice. Add feta cheese and cilantro and you’ve got a vegetarian taco snack that everyone will love!

Lobster Tacos with Kumquats and Avocado-Cilantro Sauce

Beautifully cooked lobster tails, and kumquats, all accompanied by a fantastic avocado and cilantro sauce! Rich and creamy, this taco dish is absolutely fantastic, and a great way to eat!

Simply grill the lobster tails in their shells on medium-high heat for a few minutes per side – then break the meat out of the shell, and slice. Ready to serve in a tortilla – simply add the toppings and sauce!

Fish Tacos with Kumquat, Jalapeño & Napa Slaw

Now, this is definitely something a little different from your usual chicken or beef taco recipes! This recipe will give you delicious fried fish, flavored with hot sauce and cayenne pepper.

You’ll also make a delicious Napa slaw, which includes kumquats, red onions, jalapenos, parsley, and freshly squeezed lime juice! Take the seeds out of the jalapenos if you want less spice – or leave them in to preserve that kick!

Chicken Tacos

The name of this recipe is hiding just how many great flavors and vegetables are in this recipe! Far from being just a bland chicken recipe, this recipe is full of peppers, onions, garlic, and tomato sauce.

And of course, there’s some great use of spices too – cumin and cayenne pepper giving the chicken a richness and a bit of spice too! Serve with lettuce or red cabbage, and an optional blend of Mexican cheeses – delicious!

Carne Asada Tacos

Tacos are great traditional street food, and this recipe gives the great flavor of street food cooked right in your home!

Carne asada, or marinated and grilled meat, is obviously a great choice to fill a taco -so this recipe is a perfect way to teach yourself how to make a great taco, and a great marinade too!

Add in some cotija cheese and lime wedges to serve – and why not some guacamole too?

Barbacoa Beef

Although this recipe is traditionally cooked in a pit dug into the ground, you can make this recipe at home with a slow cooker! You’ll use chuck roast, beef broth, chipotle chilis, garlic, cumin, cloves… the list of delicious flavors goes on and on.

Cook in the crockpot on low heat for 8-9 hours. This makes a delicious flavored beef that’s worth the time it takes – and is an absolutely delicious filling for tacos!

Beef Tacos de Lengua

If you’ve never had lengua before, you might not even know what it is! Lengua is beef tongue – and if you’re interested, why not combine it with this great taco recipe?

You’ll have to cook the beef tongue for between 6 to 8 hours, making this a recipe that you’ll have to plan ahead for. The sauce is simple to make, with just a few ingredients – but that’s all you need for this delicious dish!

Mini Fruit Tacos

Tacos don’t just have to be savory – they make for great ways to eat fruit too! With this delicious and run recipe, you’ll cut mini tortillas out of larger ones – and then bake the delicious flavor of sugar and cinnamon into them!

Absolutely divine already – and then you’ll fill them with strawberries, orange slices, pineapple, kiwi fruit, and blueberries. Not to mention the honey and cream cheese! Perfect for if you’ve got any leftover tortillas in the pack!

Spicy Mango, Black Bean & Avocado Tacos

Super healthy, and great for vegetarians, these spicy mango, black bean, and avocado tacos are a great way to make a taco that’s a little different!

Covered in a spicy mayo that’s a combination of mayonnaise and sriracha, these tacos are filled with cabbage, avocado slices, black beans, mango, cilantro, and feta cheese.

And, if you like your tacos a little spicier, simply add sliced serrano peppers and a bit (or a lot!) more sriracha!

Salmon Taco with Blueberry Kumquat Salsa

Fruity and spicy, and yet still packed full of the great taste of salmon, these tacos and accompanying salsa are so delicious!

The salsa alone is to die for – made from kumquats, blueberries, pepper, onion, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime juice, it’s so light, fruity, and yet spicy!

And there’s great kale, kohlrabi, and carrot slaw that you’ll just love too!

Pepper Shell Tacos

For a fresh approach to tacos – how about tacos without the tortillas? Instead of flour tortillas, this recipe uses halved and cored red peppers. They’re a great way to hold a filling – and they make a great substitute for tortillas!

Filled with a mixture of seasoned, flavored beef, and great-tasting vegetables, and topped off with Mexican cheese, this recipe tastes absolutely great – and is sure to start conversations when people realize why there are no tortillas in your kitchen!

Chorizo is one of the best meats – especially if you’re a paprika lover! It’s no surprise at all that chorizo makes an amazing filling for tacos.

This recipe balances the spice of the chorizo with a cooling cilantro and lime crema, making for a delicious interplay of flavors! Really simple to make, and great tasting!

Make with your favorite chorizo, and serve with optional cilantro lime rice. You’ll absolutely love how the spice and the citrus meet!


There you are – 35 amazing and interesting recipes involving tacos! With so many great choices, you’re sure to find a recipe that you love. Hopefully, you’ve found some creative ideas for your next taco night!

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