The 45 BEST Ground Beef Recipes

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If you have a chance to go inside people’s freezers, you’ll find stacks upon heaps of ground beef. America is top when it comes to minced beef. It’s low-cost, adaptable, and delicious.

So we’re sure there’s always the conundrum of what to do with all that ground beef in the freezer for the next several days. You don’t need to scratch your head too much. The apex of the genre is represented by this collection of Ground Beef Recipes.

From the juiciest meatballs from across the world to fat, delicious burgers and sliders, to better-than-takeout renditions of your favorite Asian and Mexican dishes, to the cheesiest meaty casseroles and soups, there’s something for everyone. This comprehensive collection has everything. As you make your way through this list, you’ll have plenty to ooh and ahh over.

Enjoy some old favorites as well as some new varieties that will wow you with their delectability! In this article, we are going to break down and look at some of the best ground beef recipes that you can add to your home cookbook.

Albondigas Soup

In Latin America, this is a common option. Albondigas soup is made with beef and rice meatballs simmered in a seasoned tomato broth with potatoes, carrots, and zucchini. Both children and adults will enjoy this hearty soup.

Aloo Keema

Ground beef with potatoes in a curry. This is a simple, one-pot beef keema curry recipe that produces tender, delicious results! Aloo Keema is a famous Pakistani and North Indian dish made with curried, minced, or ground beef and potatoes. Any meat can be used to make keema curry, also known as qeema, although beef is often used in Pakistani versions.

Australian Beef Party Pies

Have you ever tasted a beef pie from Australia? They’re a crispy, fresh-from-the-oven delight. In these little bites, crispy flaky pastry meets beef gravy delight. These may be frozen for easy party food or a fast snack when you’re short on time.

Australian Beef Party Pies are the simplest handmade answers to crispy goodness, so say goodbye to bakeries. In these little bites, crispy flaky pastry meets beef gravy delight. These may be frozen for easy party food or a fast snack when you’re short on time.

Baked Meatballs

Who wouldn’t want to cook these Italian meatballs for a quick and delicious lunch? They’re soft, juicy, and tender in a rustic tomato sauce. This post will show you how to cook meatballs that are delicious in every bite.

Nothing beats rolling meatballs, and nothing beats placing them in the oven to continue cooking and browning while you focus on producing a rich, rustic sauce.

Beef Kafta

Ground beef, minced onions, chopped parsley, and Middle Eastern spices are used to make this authentic Lebanese beef kabob dish. They are shaped into an oblong form and grilled on skewers. In around 20 minutes, you’ll have a juicy, tender, and tasty dish.

Beef Kofta Curry

Beef Kofta Curry (or just kofte) is a traditional Pakistani curry cooked with soft meatballs and a spicy, fragrant sauce. This dish includes all of the flavors of classic kofte. This is a must-try if you’re wanting curry but only have ground beef on hand.

Beef Nachos Supreme

You must make these massive beef nachos supreme for your next party, family gathering, or even a fun Sunday. Seasoned ground beef, refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, and green onions make a superb flavor combination.

Bolognese Sauce

A genuine Bolognese Sauce should be kept on hand by every home chef! This version is smooth, rich, and hearty, and it’s been slowly simmered to perfection. This recipe embodies Italian comfort food at its finest! This addition will improve all of your pasta and meatballs.

Cheeseburger Casserole

A substantial, cheesy dish is typically a good choice. Ground beef, bacon, macaroni, and loads of cheese are cooked to perfection in this cheeseburger recipe. This is a quick and easy supper choice that appeals to both children and adults!

A substantial, cheesy dish is typically a good choice. Taco casserole, chicken casserole, and this delectable cheeseburger casserole are among my favorites.

Cheeseburger Sliders

These cheeseburger sliders are perfect for a party. They’re cheesy, meaty, and juicy – everything we love about cheeseburgers, and they’re really easy to make! They’re great for feeding a crowd and can be made ahead of time so all you have to do is pop them in the oven when your guests arrive. A hot, gooey cheeseburger is served to everyone!

Cheesy Avocado Quesadillas

Easy to make quesadillas that are deliciously crisp and cheesy. For those stressful weeknights, this is a must-have! Ground beef is shredded with taco seasoning and layered between two wonderfully crisp tortillas with a layer of creamy refried beans and lots of avocado on top. Easy to make quesadillas that are deliciously crisp and cheesy. For those stressful weeknights, this is a must-have!

Cheesy Beef Rotel Dip

Look no further if you’re looking for a delicious party dip! This Cheesy Beef Rotel Dip is spicy, creamy, and the quickest dip you’ll ever make, with only 5 ingredients in under 15 minutes! You’ll notice that they’ll be all over it if you do this at your next get-together. Spicy, cheesy, and creamy Everything you could want in a party or game day dip is in this Cheesy Beef Rotel Dip.

It’s also quite easy to prepare; simply cook the beef with spices before combining everything. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this!

Chipotle Chili

This chili is rich and substantial, with a smokiness from chipotle peppers that will keep you warm on cold winter nights. Make a huge batch; leftovers are much more delicious! It’s jam-packed with all the flavors you’d expect from a chili, plus chipotles in adobo sauce for an additional layer of smokiness.

Chopped Tex-Mex Ground Beef Taco Salad

Quick-to-prepare ground beef meals are a popular choice for family dinners. This Chopped Tex-Mex Ground Beef Taco Salad with a Taco Salad Dressing is what we’re talking about. Salad with fantastic Mexican flavors.

Classic Patty Melt

This basic patty melt recipe is a classic American dish. Nothing beats a great, substantial, meaty burger served toasted on delicious rye bread with caramelized onions and melted cheese.

Cocktail Meatballs

It’s an instant hit at your dinner table. Cocktail meatballs that are juicy and tender and served in an irresistibly sticky sweet and sour sauce will leave your guests wanting more.

It’s an instant hit at your dinner table. Your visitors will be unable to choose just one. If you’re short on time, make your own meatballs or purchase simple, frozen ready-made meatballs and toss them in the 4-ingredient sauce.

Easy Beef Empanadas

A soft, flaky crust surrounds a wonderful combination of gently spiced ground beef and vegetables. Learn how to make the most delectable beef empanadas you’ve ever tasted. They’re ready in about 30 minutes and are a lot easier to make than you would think. Consumption of one of Latin America’s most popular dishes is unrestricted.

Easy Cheesy Taco Skillet

For a quick and easy lunch, top this savory taco skillet with melty cheese. It’s a crowd-pleasing dish that may be served on a weekday or any other celebration day. Looking for a simple and quick method to entertain without spending a lot of time in the kitchen?

If that’s the case, you’re in luck because I’ve got you covered. They’re not going to stop collecting it. Do you have a child that refuses to eat vegetables? If that’s the case, you’re in luck because I’ve got you covered.

Easy Ground Beef Tacos

These ground beef tacos are perfect for Taco Tuesday (or any other night). Isn’t it true that there’s no such thing as too many tacos? Taco seasoning created from scratch is the secret to excellent tacos. In only a few minutes, you’ll be able to cook these delectable-looking tacos.

For this dish, I like to use fast homemade taco seasoning since it allows me to cook the taco meat in less than 10 minutes. Give it a shot; you never know, it could become your new favorite taco dish!

Easy Homemade Lasagna

Don’t we all want some cheesy, gooey Lasagna now and then? Preparing this classic is a breeze. A scrumptious lasagna pan is made with tender sheets of pasta, a cheese filling, and a substantial meaty tomato sauce. Lasagna cooked from scratch is a timeless classic that every cook should try at least once.

Tender strands of pasta, a cheese filling, and a hearty savory tomato sauce make the ideal dinner! Despite the fact that it requires a few steps, this meal is simple to make and has a lot of flavors.

Greek Meatballs

These gorgeous and savory Greek Meatballs will complete this delightful variety of ground beef meals. Soutzoukakia, or football-shaped meatballs, are smothered in a cumin-enhanced cinnamon wine tomato sauce. You’ll come back to this one time and time again!

Ground Beef Enchiladas

Ground beef enchiladas with a red sauce are cooked using seasoned ground beef and plenty of cheese. What is the most pleasurable component of the experience?

It will take you around 30 minutes to make them! Yum! Everyone will like this excellent, low-cost ground beef meal. You’ll adore this dish since ground beef is inexpensive and kid-friendly. It’s perfect for a hectic weeknight menu!

Ground Beef Stroganoff

This ground beef stroganoff is rich, filling, and simple to make. It’ll surely become a favorite in the family! This meal is perfect for a fast supper in the evening. What’s the key to making this dish taste even better? Ensure that the steak, mushrooms, and onions all get a good sear.

Because of the browned deliciousness, this dish is really delicious. This is the best ground beef Stroganoff I’ve ever had!

Ground Beef Taco Casserole

This recipe features buttery meat, crisp vegetables, and warm spicy beans. All you have to do now is top it with lettuce and tomato and serve it with Greek yogurt or sour cream when it comes out of the oven. This taco casserole will satisfy your hunger with a big, meaty supper, but it will not be totally composed of ground beef.

It all starts with a single pound of inexpensive ground beef, which is then spread out with a can of earthy pinto beans to feed the entire table. The fresh vegetable topping balances out this pantry classic, which provides weight and protein to your supper.

Hamburger Soup

This Hamburger Soup is made with lean ground beef, healthy vegetables like potatoes and carrots, and a flavorful broth. It’s quick and simple to prepare, and it’s a really comforting soup!

Whatever you call it, it’ll almost likely become a household favorite! It’s just plain old-fashioned comfort food that will brighten even the darkest of days.

Italian Meatball Soup

Soup with meatballs from Italy. Have you ever attempted something similar before? You’re going to love it if you haven’t already. With soft homemade beef meatballs and a plethora of vegetables, it’s easy to make and tasty. This is a quick and delicious meal that will fill you up!

This Italian Meatball Soup will not disappoint. With soft homemade beef meatballs and a plethora of vegetables, it’s a simple, hearty meal that will appeal to all palates!

Italian Stuffed Shells with Meat and Cheese

Stuffed Shells with Meat and Cheese is a delicious pasta dish that can be made on any given weeknight. These loaded pasta shells are cooked together with beef sauce and loads of cheese to make a fast dish. It’s time to feed the whole family! Italian food is tough to go wrong with.

With pasta, cheese, and sauce, you can’t go wrong! That’s why dishes like these meat-and-cheese-filled shells appeal to me. It’s easy to make, delicious, and no one can say no to giant cheese-stuffed pasta shells!

Johnny Marzetti

He was admired and adored almost coast to coast, albeit under various guises. With rich tomato sauce and melting cheese, it’s the ideal classic vintage pasta meal. Some people refer to it as American Goulash, while others call it American Chop Suey.

Chilli mac is made by seasoning it with chili powder and adding beans. If you’re an American, whatever you name it, I’m sure your mother or grandma offered it to you.

Korean Ground Beef Bowl

This Korean Ground Beef Bowl is a delicious combination of sweet, salty, umami, and spice. Give it a try when you’re yearning for Asian flavors or simply need something quick!

This ground beef meal is ideal for a busy weekday. This simple ground beef meal has all of your favorite Korean BBQ flavors without being too sweet or hot. From beginning to conclusion, it will take you 20 minutes.

Lasagna Soup

The flavor of lasagna is replicated in this easy lasagna soup but without the layers and dishes. It’s both easy and delicious. A rich marinara sauce loaded with garlic, onion, and Italian spices coats layers of creamy noodles, which are then topped with parmesan, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese.

It’s as simple as browning the meat, adding the remaining ingredients, and letting it boil! I’m confident you’ll give it a shot shortly.

Lebanese Hashweh

Hashweh is a simple, flavorful dish made with ground pork and clarified butter that is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s served over browned rice and seasoned with cinnamon and toasted pine nuts. This is a delicious new flavor to try if you’re looking for a different way to cook ground beef.

Meatloaf with Glaze

This meatloaf is soft and juicy on the inside, with a sweet and tangy glaze that gives the meal a lot of flavors. Serve it over mashed potatoes to make a traditional comfort food dinner.

Meaty Cabbage Soup

This thick, meaty cabbage soup is the ideal one-pot meal. It’s high in protein and veggies that are excellent for you. It’ll always turn out perfectly in the crockpot, instant pot, or on the stovetop. Yummy snacks that are both healthy and guilt-free. When you have a dream about food mysteriously cooking itself with very little effort on your part, this pot emerges.

Make this pot when the weather or your mood calls for a warm bowl of comfort. It is created with very simple ingredients, mostly pork, and cabbage. It’s cooked low and slow for hours with only a few seasonings, and it’s surprisingly tasty. You’ll end up with a delicious bowl of meaty cabbage nirvana.

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers

These vivid, colorful, and gorgeous bell peppers encapsulate the Mediterranean spirit. Whether it’s the brininess of kalamata olives, the tanginess of feta, the nuttiness of pearled couscous, the freshness of cherry tomatoes, or the toastiness of pine nuts, there’s something for everyone. With ground beef and fresh herbs, it’s all thrown together. Try this one-of-a-kind Mediterranean pepper-stuffing technique.

Mediterranean Zucchini Boats

In the Mediterranean Zucchini Boats, herb-seasoned ground beef is covered with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and feta cheese. They’re a low-carb favorite that’s been lightened up.

Tonight, get those Mediterranean flavors flowing. For a tasty supper, load these low-carb zucchini boats with your favorite protein stuffing. What if it had a Mediterranean flavor profile? The cuisine for today is light, fresh, and delicious.

Pastel de Choclo

A unique and delicious Shepherd’s Pie recipe. This Chilean staple’s components may look random, but believe me when I tell it’s excellent! It’s a Corn Pie with a meaty filling that you wouldn’t expect to find in one. South America’s rendition of Scottish or Irish comfort food!

This is what happens when your good ol’ Shepherd’s pie travels to the land of plentiful corn. When the cuisines of invading conquistadors and local South American civilizations mingled, this meal may have resulted.


Picadillo is Latin America’s most well-known and popular ground beef recipe. This one has a distinctly Puerto Rican flavor. In a tomato-based sauce, ground beef is seasoned with sofrito, adobo, and sazon, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables. The addition of olives and raisins adds so much depth and flavor to this delicious meal. This is our go-to Latin recipe.

Quick Asian Beef Ramen Noodles

Get your work ready!! With caramelized beef, a tangle of noodles, and a sweet, savory 4-ingredient sauce, these Asian Beef Ramen Noodles are highly slurp-worthy!

Excellent, budget-friendly ground beef meal with all of your favorite Asian flavors. Prepare to be astounded by how quick and simple this flavorful ramen noodle meal is to make!

Salisbury Steak

This recipe is comprised of a simple ground beef patty and a rich mushroom sauce. It is possible to prepare a delectable dish that is also quite easy. You’ll have a lovely comfort supper if you serve it over mashed potatoes or noodles. Everyone needs a good Salisbury Steak dish in their weekly meal rotation!

This meal is made with a simple ground beef patty and a rich mushroom sauce, yet it tastes like a special occasion. This recipe includes instructions for making this into a freezer supper for your busiest nights.

Shepherd’s Pie

Prepare the ideal comfort food for your family tonight. Ground beef Shepherd’s Pie is easy to make, flavorful, and fast. This is a classic that will never go out of style. Behind a fluffy layer of mashed potatoes, a delectable filling with lots of gravy – perfect for a cold night or a special St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Sloppy Joes

I think of words like saucy, meaty, sweet, and flavourful when I think of this dish. This American classic is the best there is! This lunch is sure to please everyone, and it only takes a few minutes to make. So grab a plate and a napkin and get ready to make this delicious meal!

Spanish Meatballs

Spanish meatballs, or albondigas, are a popular tapas meatball in Spain. In only one pot, this lovely dish comes together fast. If served with fresh bread, everyone will become addicted to the new flavors.

Swedish Meatballs

These Swedish Meatballs are the ideal comfort food. Tender, well-cooked meat spheres are encased in a delectable sauce. You’ll keep coming back for more! IKEA and Abba are as well-known as these Swedish meatballs. So much so that IKEA 

stores alone eat around two million each day. These delectable, juicy, moderately spicy balls are cradled in a rich, buttery, fragrant sauce. Without a sure, this is a pretty opulent activity.

Sweet Onion Mushroom Swiss Burgers

In the style of a restaurant, sweet onion, and mushroom swiss burgers! The burger meat is tasty and well-seasoned, but the mushrooms and onions take it to new levels! When you put Swiss cheese on top, you’ll see why it’s so addicting! Give it a shot on your next burger night.

Taco Soup

This spicy Taco Soup is low-carb, high-protein, and low-carb all at once. It’s also really full and meaty. It’s the chili’s soupier cousin, and it’s packed with all the best taco-style ingredients! Do you have a Mexican cuisine hunger but don’t want to cook tacos? Instead, take a look at this soup.

In the fall and winter, taco soup is a popular meal. It’s a simple, protein-packed soup with a spicy, crave-worthy flavor that’s filling and substantial. It’s the chili’s soupier cousin, and it’s packed with all the best taco-style ingredients!

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