What Condiments Are Keto Friendly?

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If you have made the decision to go on a keto diet, then you are not alone in wondering what you can or cannot eat. Often people think that keto diets lack a lot of flavors and are very restrictive, but that just is not the case.

In today’s landscape of culinary delights, there are a plethora of things to eat whilst losing those pounds. And, if you think that the food is bland, then you will be happy to know that there are plenty of condiments that are fine to consume.

However, this does not mean that you can just pick out any old condiment. Many are laden with high carbs and sugar – we are looking at your ketchup!

So, if you are wanting to take that keto dish to a higher level of tastiness, then you might want to see what condiments you can eat. In this article, we shall do just that. So, let’s go!


Who does not love mustard? It goes delicious in a sandwich or alongside a hotdog. However, if you are currently on a keto diet, you will find it goes well with anything.

One of the best to try is the French’s Classic Yellow Mustard. Not only does a serving (which is one tablespoon) have absolutely no sugar or carbs, but it is made from 100 percent naturally sourced ingredients. 

It also tastes sweet with a subtle tangy undertone, making it a great allrounder, even for those who do not particularly like mustard.

Primal Steak Sauce 

Sometimes it is easier to find a sauce that has been created for those who are on a keto diet. The Primal Keto Steak Sauce is so tasty that people buy it even when they do not have any specialized dietary requirements.

That being said, it might mean you have difficulty getting your hands on a bottle, so be prepared to be disappointed when you run to the grocery store – just in case.

It has been created using a tomato paste alongside onions and spices, so do expect wonderful bursts of bold flavor. One tablespoon of this stuff has no sugar, but it does include a gram of net carbs. 

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is one of those things that you either love or hate. We are on the former, and that is because it can really up a meal’s game with both its heat and flavor.

Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce is one of the best because not only does it taste delicious, but it is also super versatile. Whether you want to use it as a marinade, as a dip, or add it to your keto meal, it does the job perfectly. One tablespoon serving of this hot sauce has zero sugar and carbs.


The ranch is an all-time favorite of many, and it is easy to see why. This classic and loved condiment can be used as a dip, or to pair up with a delicious salad.

The Primal ranch is very creamy and is packed full of flavor, so it is difficult to understand why it is suitable for a keto diet.

However, you will not want to put this stuff down once you start using it alongside food that may have become a little bland and boring to you. A tablespoon serving of ranch includes zero sugar, but it does have 2 grams of carbs. 

Kale Pesto

Pesto is perfect for Italian-based dishes to infuse some extra flavor. If this is something you would like to add to pasta or chicken, then the one you should opt for is kale pesto.

It is the healthiest version available and includes the likes of pumpkin seeds, kale, and basil. While it does not have that familiar salty taste, it does come very close. A tablespoon of kale pesto includes zero sugar and 3 grams of net carbs. 

Soy Sauce Alternative

If you love Asian flavors but would like to find a suitable soy sauce alternative due to the fact it has a high amount of carbs, then you will be happy to know that there is an option. 

Coconut aminos have that umami taste that you will want for this kind of dish. It is created by using coconuts that have been fermented and taste very similar to that of soy sauce making it the perfect healthier alternative.

Not only that, coconut aminos have a lower percentage of sodium making it better for those who need to decrease their salt intake. A tablespoon serving of coconut aminos has zero sugar and carbs. 

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a true classic when it comes to salad dressing. The sharp and tangy flavor compliments the lettuce and tomatoes well and adds oomph to any dish that you may think lacks flavor. Whilst we all do associate balsamic vinegar with salad, it can also be used to marinade both fish and chicken, too. 

Instead of buying any old balsamic vinegar, always choose one that says it is ‘balsamic vinegar of modena’. It means it is high quality and will last for a long time. Generally, one tablespoon includes zero sugar and a gram of carbs. 

Are There Condiments With Zero Carbs?

While there are condiments that do not have any carbs or very little (we are talking vinegar, herbs, hot sauce, etc.) you will need to be extra careful when understanding your carb intake.

For example, while one tablespoon of a condiment might have zero carbs and therefore is registered as such on the bottle’s information, if you have more than the suggested amount served, then you may consume calories. 


When it comes to a keto-friendly diet, you might be wondering how to make dishes extra tasty, especially if you are eating a salad for lunch every day – it happens!

Fortunately, there are many condiments that are suitable to consume that will not cause you to ruin your effort. From kale pesto and mustard to balsamic vinegar and hot sauce, there really is something for everyone.

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