35 Best Crockpot Chicken Recipes

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When you’re having a busy day and don’t have time to stand over the hob for ages cooking up a satisfying meal, then crockpot meals are a real lifesaver. You can make so many different dishes with very little time or effort needed.

You can use any kind of meat that you like in crock pot recipes, but chicken is an excellent choice. It takes on a lot of flavors as it cooks, and if you use chicken thighs or drumsticks then it goes so tender that it will just fall off the bone.

Whether you fancy a hearty soup, a comforting stew, or a tasty casserole, you will be able to cook up a delicious chicken crock pot recipe that you will love. There are lots of recipes online that you can choose from for a range of different cuisines. To make it easier for you to find a meal that you love, we have put together a list of the best chicken crock pot recipes for you to choose from.

Tuscan Garlic Chicken

These slow-cooked chicken thighs are so tender and tasty that you are sure to love this recipe. The chicken is cooked with garlic, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy parmesan sauce. It is indulgent but nourishing, with a light kick of chili and Italian season to add a real depth of flavor.

It’s so easy to make and you can serve it with bread, potatoes, pasta or rice depending on what you fancy.

Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken

The chicken thighs in this recipe are crispy and juicy, cooked with pineapples, bell peppers, and onions in a tangy sauce. If you like sweet and sour chicken then this recipe is a great alternative that is healthier and more straightforward to make.

It only takes 15 minutes to prepare this meal before you can leave it to cook in the slow cooker, so you can do it before you leave for work and come home to a delicious meal. You serve this dish with fluffy white rice or sauteed potatoes.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is the perfect bowl of comfort on a cold day. Some noodle soups have a clear broth base but this one is creamy, making it a cross between chicken noodle soup and cream of chicken soup. The chicken is flavored with thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, and garlic and cooked with celery, onion, carrots, and peas.

And egg noodles. Bay leaves are used to flavor the liquid which is made up of chicken broth and heavy cream, and the soup is garnished with parsley. You can enjoy this soup on its own, or serve it with crusty bread to soak up that delightful sauce.

Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

Chicken parmesan is a really delicious meal, but it can be quite fiddly to make and takes a while to prepare. This crock pot recipe has all of the flavors that you know and love from chicken parmesan, but it is much easier to make.

Ground chicken is used to make juicy meatballs in a marinara sauce which cooks on a low setting for 6-8 hours. You can put mozzarella cheese over the top for the last 15 minutes so it melts over the meatballs. Whether you choose to serve them over pasta or inside soft sub rolls, you will love this recipe.

Chicken Pot Pie

Some days you just want a plate of comforting, homemade chicken pot pie- but you don’t have the time to make it! This recipe will solve that problem, as it has all of the elements of a chicken pot pie but is quicker and easier to make.

Even though it’s easy, the pie filling is still made from scratch and doesn’t use condensed chicken soup. This cuts out any preservatives and lets you have full control over the ingredients. To save time, this recipe does recommend using ready-made biscuits to go on top of the pie, but if you want to make your own then you can.

Creamy White Chicken Chilli

This chili recipe couldn’t be simpler – you just put all of the ingredients in the crock pot and let it cook them for you. The end result is a creamy, spicy, savory chicken dish that makes a nice change from traditional beef and tomato chili.

You can control how much spice you want in this recipe, and you can customize it by adding whatever toppings you want. Serve this chili over rice, or use it to fill taco shells or soft tortilla wraps.

Chicken Cacciatore

This Italian recipe is a wholesome meal packed with flavorsome chicken that just falls off the bone. The chicken is cooked with onions, herbs, and vegetables in a rich tomato sauce. This recipe even includes baby potatoes, so you don’t need to make any side dishes- unless you want to use some crusty bread to dip in the sauce.

If you have a lot of people to feed then you can put this dish in the middle of the table with rice and sauteed vegetables and let everyone help themselves.

Greek Lemon Chicken With Potatoes

Greek food is known for fresh ingredients that come together to create fantastic flavors. This bright, zesty chicken dish is a perfect example of Greek cuisine but made in the slow cooker for convenience.

The potatoes cook alongside the chicken for 7 hours, so they have plenty of time to soak up all of the delicious flavors. The chicken and potatoes are seasoned with fresh lemon, garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, and garlic. This recipe is simple, healthy, and delicious.

Mediterranean Chicken

If you love Mediterranean flavors then you will be a big fan of this easy recipe for Mediterranean chicken. The chicken thighs are tender and juicy and are cooked with onions, olives, and sweet red peppers.

The great thing about this recipe is that it is very customizable- you can add chili flakes for a spicy kick, tomatoes for a richer sauce, add green vegetables for extra nutrients and flavor, or switch the chicken thighs for breasts.

Creamy Chicken Marsala

This recipe is a perfect example of a restaurant-quality dish that you can recreate at home in your crock pot. You can cook this for a date night dinner, or for a weeknight treat. The chicken is flavored with garlic and cooked in a marsala wine sauce which is packed with tasty mushrooms.

Browning the chicken breasts before they go in the slow cooker is not essential but really helps with the overall flavor of the dish.

Buffalo Chicken

Everyone loves buffalo chicken wings, but have you ever tried buffalo shredded chicken? It makes the perfect topping for burgers or hot dogs, it can be used to make loaded nachos or to fill soft flour tortillas.

BBQ Chicken

This recipe can be used for similar meals as the buffalo chicken recipe, but it has a sweet smoky flavor instead of a spicy one. It’s also a perfect filling for a soft brioche roll with some melted cheese and crunchy slaw.

Honey Buffalo Wings

This is the perfect recipe to make for a party or for your friends and family. These wings are spicy, juicy, sticky and so satisfying. Making them in the slow cooker is so easy that this recipe will definitely become one of your favorite weekend meals.

Put a big batch of wings on a plate in the middle of the table and see how quickly they disappear- but remember to put out plenty of napkins for those sticky fingers!

Chicken Tacos

Tacos can be the perfect meal for a Friday night dinner party, a Saturday night family dinner round the table, or even a weeknight dinner. You can use traditional taco shells, soft tortilla shells, or lettuce wraps for a low-carb option. This chicken taco filling only has 8 ingredients and is low fat and packed with protein.

The toppings you choose will have an impact on how healthy this meal is- lots of cheese and soured cream will make it very tasty but more fattening.

Salsa Chicken

This has got to be one of the most simple slow cooker meals to make as it only has four ingredients, but it is still super tasty.

Sweet salsa, zingy lime, and spicy taco seasoning come together to make this tender, pulled chicken so flavorsome. You can use it in tacos, on nachos, in wraps, or just serve it with rice and beans.

Thai Peanut Chicken

This Thai chicken is creamy and salty and is served with lovely thick noodles. It also has some hidden vegetables in the sauce which add extra nutrients.

The dish is finished off with lime juice and cilantro and garnished with peanuts. You have this dinner ready in 2-3 hours on a high setting, or you can leave it on a low setting for 4-5 hours.

Lemon Chicken Thighs

These chicken thighs are crispy on the outside and tender in the middle and cooked in lemon gravy. Brown the chicken thighs in a skillet first with some lemon zest, herbs, and mustard to add flavor and a lovely texture, then slow cook them in their own juices.

Once the chicken is cooked you can use the juices to make a tasty lemon gravy. This recipe is mouth-wateringly good but nice and simple. Served with pasta salad or new potatoes for a healthy, summertime meal.

Crack Chicken

Crack chicken is a lovely slow cooker dish that is made from chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch dressing mix. It’s salty and creamy and tastes amazing served over white rice. You can also serve it with mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes and a side salad.

Chicken Meatballs With Asiago Gravy

This recipe is absolutely delicious, indulgent, and comforting. The meatballs get seared in a pan to give them a brown edge and a caramelized flavor and are then slowly cooked in a broth. 30 minutes before the dish is ready, cream and cheese are added to create a rich sauce.

The sauce is also packed with mushrooms which adds a lovely flavor and even more protein. This recipe goes perfectly with sauteed green vegetables and smooth mashed potatoes.

Salsa Verde Chicken

These chicken breasts are cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, salsa verde, cumin, and chili powder. Once the chicken is cooked, it is shredded and mixed back into the sauce then garnished with fresh parsley and jalapeno peppers.

This recipe is bursting with flavor and is easy to make, but it is packed with flavor and will go with lots of different things- rice, potatoes, wraps, nachos, brioche buns – whatever you fancy!

Chicken Tortellini Soup

Chicken Tortellini Soup – Soup is the perfect meal to make when it gets cold, but you easily get bored of cooking the same few soup recipes over and over again.

This recipe is similar to chicken noodle soup but has cheese tortellini instead of noodles. It is bursting with tasty vegetables and lean chicken breasts, so it is a nutritious meal for the whole family.

Asian Glazed Chicken

If you wake up in the morning with a craving for Asian food, prepare this recipe in the morning so you can come home from work to this delicious chicken dish.

The glaze for the chicken is sweet, salty, and sticky, flavored with soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, and garlic. You can serve this chicken with fluffy white rice or with chips and a side salad.

Chicken Tagine With Apricots And ChickPeas

This Moroccan-inspired chicken dish is so delicious and easy to make that you will wonder why you didn’t make it sooner! The tender chicken is cooked in a fragrant spicy sauce with flavors of honey and garlic.

All you need to do is saute the chicken, soften the onions and garlic, then put them in the slow cooker with broth, honey, spices, chickpeas, and apricots. The chicken then goes on the top, and the whole thing is cooked for 6 hours and you will have a meal that all of your friends and family can enjoy.

Chicken Taco Soup

This recipe for slow cooker chicken taco soup is so comforting and full of flavor and is really straightforward to make. It takes very little preparation, less than 10 minutes, with just 8 ingredients.

You can easily get it ready in the morning so you have a lovely meal to come home to in the evening. You can top the soup with melted cheese and serve it with cornbread to make a delicious meal.

General Tso Chicken

This sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and salty with a little kick of spice and is thick enough to coat the chicken nicely. The chicken has plenty of time to soak up the delicious Asian flavors and is deliciously tender.

You can serve it with fried or boiled rice and some sauteed or roasted vegetables to complete the meal. This recipe tastes so good that it could get addictive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself making this dish again and again.

Chicken And Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings are the ultimate comfort food, and this recipe is a great version of the classic dish. It is easy to make and will make you feel satisfied and nourished without having to spend hours standing over the stove.

Honey Sesame Chicken

Honey sesame chicken is a favorite takeout menu item, and with this recipe, you can easily make it at home. It’s flavorsome, a blend of sweet honey, nutty sesame, and tender chicken.

You can add a bit of spice if you want, or play around with the levels of honey and sesame to suit your individual taste. There’s no need to cook anything in a pan first, just throw it all in the crock pot and let it cook while you get on with something else.

Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas are quite an easy recipe to make, but this version is even more simple. The chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, lime, honey, and spices all go in the crock pot until the chicken is cooked. Serve with tortilla wraps, soured cream, guacamole, and grated cheese for a delicious meal that will please the whole family.

Indian Butter Chicken

With this recipe for Indian butter chicken, you can get restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to spend ages making it or fry anything in a pan first- just mix the chicken stock, tomato paste, curry powder, and spices together and add them to the slow cooker with the chicken.

The chicken will cook in the crock pot until it is tender. You can serve it with rice, naan, or side salad, or add some more exciting side dishes like onion bhajis.

Thai Chicken Curry

Thai curry is fragrant and flavorsome, with a taste of ginger, coconut milk, and chili. This curry is packed with vegetables, and you can choose whichever Thai curry paste you prefer as they all work well in this recipe.

If you prefer a thinner sauce, add more chicken broth. Serve this curry with fluffy white rice for a lovely healthy meal.

Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are an easy meal to make on a weeknight, but roasting them with salt pepper and the same old herbs can become quite repetitive and boring. This recipe gives you a simple but exciting way to cook your chicken thighs.

The sauce is flavored with garlic, honey, and soy sauce along with thyme, parsley, and mustard. If you have time to brown the chicken thighs in a skillet pan first then it will add a lot more flavor to the dish.

Chicken And Wild Rice Soup

This is a hearty meal with nourishing vegetables, wild rice, mushrooms, cream, and tasty chicken. The soup is flavored with garlic, thyme, rosemary, and fresh parsley.

Wild rice is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, but a lot of people avoid it because it takes too long to cook. This makes it perfect for slow cooker recipes as you will be cooking the ingredients for a long time anyway.

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo is a delicious Italian meal. The sauce is made with heavy cream, garlic, and parmesan cheese. The chicken is tender and tasty, and once it is cooked you shred it and add it back into the sauce.

Alfredo is usually served with fettuccine, but this recipe uses rigatoni to make it more crockpot friendly.

Bourbon Chicken

The sauce in this recipe is flavored with bourbon, ginger, garlic, chili flakes, apple juice, honey, sugar, cider vinegar, ketchup, and soy sauce. This sounds like a lot of ingredients but doesn’t worry- all you need to do is chuck them all in the crock pot with the chopped chicken, green onions, and corn starch.

The preparation time is no more than 10 minutes, then the whole dish is cooked on a low setting for 6-7 hours.

Rotisserie Chicken

You don’t need to cook a chicken on a spit to get that lovely rotisserie flavor, and you don’t need to go to the grocery store to pick one up either. This crock pot recipe will help you to recreate those much-loved flavors from the comfort of your own home.

Rotisserie chicken is a very versatile dish as you can serve it with literally anything- potatoes, rice, salad, pasta, vegetables, bread- whatever you have in the cupboards or whatever you fancy.

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