Is Coke Vegan?

Is Coke Vegan

Coca-Cola is one of the largest soft drink manufacturers in the whole world. In terms of brands that have really made it international, Coca-Cola is one of the most successful brands in the world.

They operate in a load of different countries across the globe and are pretty much a household name everywhere. 

Coca-Cola manufactures a lot of different types of drinks, but they are most famous for their “Coca-Cola” range.

For cola-flavored soda, Coca-Cola is usually the go-to brand. So, you might be wondering if coke is vegan. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at whether, or not, coke is vegan, and lots more. So keep on reading to find out! 

What Is Coca-Cola?

First things first, let’s take a really quick look at what Coca-Cola is. As we have said, Coca-Cola is a company that is most famous for producing soda.

The Coca-Cola company is responsible for producing a lot of different types of soda drinks, but their most popular is by far their name-sake product – Coca-Cola. 

The Coca-Cola that we know and love today was first produced back in the 1800s.

Initially it was designed and marketed as a temperance drink and sold as a patent medicine.

However, over the years, the recipe has changed and evolved, and now Coca-Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world. 

Coca-Cola itself is a carbonated soft drink that is cola-flavored. While it is officially known as “Coca-Cola”, it is much more commonly referred to as “Coke”.

These names are often used interchangeably by not only the general public, but the company itself.

As well as manufacturing a range of different types of soft drinks, Coca-Cola also has a range of different Coca-Cola products. But are these products vegan? With no further ado, let’s take a look. 

Is Coke Vegan?

According to the product facts pages on Coca-Cola’s own website, yes, the vast majority of their products are suitable for those following a vegan diet.

There are however, some Coca-Cola products that are not suitable for those following a vegan diet, so let’s take a look at their products individually. 

Original Coca-Cola

The trademark red can of Coca-Cola is the first thing that most people think of when they hear the word “Coke”.

Original Coca-Cola is the variety of Coca-Cola that contains sugar, and it is often referred to as “full-fat” or “regular” Coke. 

If you are following a vegan diet, then you will be happy to hear that original Coca-Cola contains zero animal-derived ingredients, so it is suitable for vegans

Diet Coca-Cola/Coke Zero/Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola

Diet Coca-Cola, often referred to as “diet Coke” is the healthier version of original Coca-Cola. Diet coke includes less sugar, and this is evident in the flavor of this drink. 

The ingredients list for diet Coke is fairly simple, and there are very few ingredients of concern.

The one ingredient that could be concerning to those following a vegan diet is “natural flavors”, as it doesn’t state where these natural flavors come from. 

However, the Coca-Cola website states that all their Coca-Cola products are suitable for vegans, so it is safe to assume that these natural flavors do not come from animals. 

The same thing applies to Coke Zero which is sugar-free, and Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola which contains zero caffeine. 

Flavored Coca-Cola

Among their main Coca-Cola range, there are a variety of different flavored drinks on offer. These drinks have the classic Coca-Cola flavor, but are infused with additional ingredients to put a spin on the flavor. 

There are a wide range of flavored Coca-Cola drinks available across the world, with some of the most notable flavors being:

  • Cherry Coke
  • Vanilla Coke
  • Orange Vanilla Coke
  • California Raspberry Coke
  • Georgian Peach Coke

All of these drinks include the same base ingredients of original Coca-Cola, the new flavor is achieved simply by adding additional flavorings to the mixture. 

There is only one ingredient on the ingredients list that could cause concern for those following a vegan diet, and that is “natural flavors”.

Natural flavors could come from both plant or animal-based ingredients, however Coca-Cola doesn’t specify which. 

However, as we stated earlier, on their website, Coca-Cola clearly states that all of their “Coca-Cola” range is suitable for those following a vegan diet.

So, if you want to take the company’s word for it, there are no animal-based ingredients used in Coca-Cola, and these ingredients instead come from plant-based products.

What Ingredients Are Used To Make Coke?

What Ingredients Are Used To Make Coke

As we have said, the base ingredients for Coca-Cola are totally suitable for vegans.

While the ingredients list might be altered slightly to reduce the amount of sugar in the product, or alter the flavor slightly, most Coca-Cola products contain the same ingredients. 

Here are the key ingredients used to make original Coca-Cola:

  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Caramel Color
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Caffeine.

Which Coca-Cola Products Are Not Vegan?

At the start of this guide, we mentioned that there are some products that are manufactured by Coca-Cola which are not suitable for vegans.

These products are not part of the core Coca-Cola range, and instead are side-brands which are manufactured by Coca-Cola. 

These drinks are not considered vegan because of one specific ingredient that is used in trace-amounts during the manufacturing process of these products.

The ingredient in question is fish gelatin and it is used as a color-stabilizer. 

Thankfully, this ingredient isn’t used in too many Coca-Cola products. But it is used in the manufacturing process of the following products. So, if you are a vegan, you should not drink the following Coca-Cola products:

  • Lilt
  • Lilt Zero
  • Schweppes Orange Squash
  • Kia-Ora Orange Squash No Sugar.


In conclusion, most products that are manufactured by Coca-Cola are suitable for vegans. According to the Coca-Cola website, this includes all of their Coca-Cola range, and a number of their other products too. 

However, there are a handful of products manufactured by Coca-Cola that are unsuitable for vegans. These include Lilt, Lilt Zero, Schweppes Orange Squash and Kia-Ora Orange Squash No Sugar. 

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